Programaci贸n Syfy

Ayer Hoy Ma帽ana Dom Lun Mar

00:30 Serie: Futurama
Fry writes an opera for Leela after making a deal with the Robot Devil, who doesn't like his end of the bargain. Dan Castellaneta, Maurice LaMarche, Billy West.
01:00 Serie: Futurama
In the sixth-season premiere, the fate of the Planet Express crew depends on the Professor, who desperately employs an untested resuscitation machine after a catastrophic occurrence in space.
01:30 Serie: Futurama
Leela and Zapp Brannigan are marooned on an Edenic planet.
02:00 Cine: Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)
Un barco lleno de estudiantes de secundaria que se graduaron se dirigi贸 a Manhattan y accidentalmente empuj贸 a Jason Voorhees para el viaje.
04:00 Cine: The Banana Splits
Harley is ready for the birthday of a lifetime as his family is bringing him to the taping of "The Banana Splits" for his birthday celebration. People are murdered, however, turning what was supposed to be a fun birthday into a fight for survival.
06:00 Paid Programming
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06:30 Paid Programming
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07:00 Serie: PIYO WORKOUT!
Define one's body with PiYo. Chalene Johnson's new lower-impact workout series combining the muscle-sculpting benefits of Pilates, Yoga and fluid motion all-in-one.
07:30 Paid Programming
Paid Programming.
08:00 Serie: Futurama
Fry learns that he has a tattoo of Bender. Hermes loses his head while in a game of limbo.
08:30 Serie: Futurama
Part 2 of 4. Hermes copes without his body; Bender is ordered to steal valuable artifacts from Earth's past.
09:00 Serie: Futurama
Part 3 of 4. Fry goes back in time, but discovers that things in the past aren't much better than the future.
09:30 Serie: Futurama
Conclusion. Leela's wedding doesn't turn out like she planned; Bender's crime spree pays off in an intergalactic battle for Earth.
10:00 Serie: Futurama
An unflattering video of Leela makes the rounds online, thanks to Fry.
10:30 Serie: Futurama
Bender has a personal stake in a ballot initiative that would legalize marriage between humans and robots.

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