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02:15 Magical Girl Friendship Squad
Alex & Daisy meet a magical red panda named Nut and learn that being a hero is pretty hard.
02:30 Wild Life
The critters have to go to the mall to save the zoo.
02:45 Cine: Aladdin and the Death Lamp (2012)
Aladdin must trick a malicious genie back into his lamp before he takes over the world.
04:45 The Twilight Zone
James Whitmore stars as the leader of space pioneers about to return to Earth, having failed to establish a Utopia on a distant planet. But he doesn't want to relinquish his power. Al: James Broderick. Sloane: Tim O'Conner. Hank: Russ Bender. George: Paul Langton. Julie: Jo Helton. Jo Jo: Daniel Kulick.
05:45 Gary and His Demons
A case concerning a possessed teen leads Gary and Hanley to suspect that a heavy metal band's music is to blame, only to discover that the rockers are not what they seem. {Season: Season1}
06:00 The Twilight Zone
On the morning of a hanging, the sun fails to rise. The cast includes Michael Constantine (鈥淩oom 222鈥), George 鈥淕oober鈥 Lindsey, Ivan Dixon (鈥淗ogan's Heroes鈥) and Paul Fix (鈥淭he Rifleman鈥). Jagger: Terry Becker. Ella: Eve McVeagh.
06:30 The Twilight Zone
A man's obsession with loud noises prompts his wife's departure, which is followed by a radical change within himself. Directed by Richard Donner (鈥淪uperman,鈥 鈥淭he Omen鈥). Flemington: John McGiver. Mrs. Flemington: Penny Singleton. Psychiatrist: Michael Fox. Doctor: Francis De Sales. Secretary: Renee Aubry. Conklin: William Benedict.
07:00 The Twilight Zone
Jackie Cooper plays a struggling ventriloquist who turns to crime, on advice from his suddenly vociferous dummy. Susan: Suzanne Cupito (later to become Morgan Brittany). Mrs. Cudahy: Sarah Selby. Rod Serling is the host.
07:30 The Twilight Zone
Martin Landau plays a political refugee in a cat-and-mouse game with an assassin, whose penchant for artistry proves ill-advised. Directed by Richard Donner (鈥淪uperman,鈥 鈥淭he Omen鈥). Vassiloff: John Van Dreelen. Boris: Robert Kelljan. Host: Rod Serling.
08:00 The Twilight Zone
A samurai sword stirs up feelings of hatred between a WWII veteran and a Japanese-American (George Takei). Rod Serling is the host.
08:30 The Twilight Zone
Townsfolk grow apprehensive after a stranger (John Dehner) resurrects a dead dog and promises the same for the town cemetery. Jensen: Stanley Adams. Sheriff: Norman Leavitt. Gooberman: J. Pat O'Malley. Lapham: Percy Helton. Ace: John Mitchum.
09:00 The Twilight Zone
Richard Deacon (鈥淭he Dick Van Dyke Show鈥) plays a factory owner determined to replace men with machines. Directed by Richard Donner (鈥淪uperman,鈥 鈥淭he Omen鈥). Hanley: Paul Newlan. Technician: Jack Crowder. Bartender: Shawn Michaels. Watchman: Burt Conroy. Host: Rod Serling.

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09:30 The Twilight Zone
Gary Crosby plays a singing star who looks for an authentic folk tune in the hinterland, where he runs afoul of some locals. Directed by Richard Donner (鈥淪uperman,鈥 鈥淭he Omen鈥). Mary: Bonnie Beecher. Rayford: John Bolt. Storekeeper: Hank Patterson. Rod Serling is the host.
10:00 Magical Girl Friendship Squad
Alex & Daisy meet a magical red panda named Nut and learn that being a hero is pretty hard.
10:15 Cine: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)
Desde el desierto de Egipto a las profundidades subterr谩neas de los casquetes polares, el equipo de 茅lite G.I.JOE (Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity) usa lo 煤ltimo en equipamiento militar y ... Leer m谩s
12:43 Cine: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
Elliot vive en una urbanizaci贸n junto a su madre soltera y sus dos hermanos. Un d铆a, buscando algo en el patio trasero, siente c贸mo algo desconocido le observa. Y ese algo resulta ser un pac铆fico ... Leer m谩s
15:16 Cine: Hook (1991)
Peter Pan se ha convertido en Peter Banning, un abogado de 40 a帽os siempre malhumorado y apegado a su tel茅fono m贸vil. Banning ha perdido la memoria de qui茅n fue, y tambi茅n corre el peligro de perder ... Leer m谩s
18:30 Cine: Zombieland (2009)
Dos hombres han encontrado una manera de sobrevivir a un mundo dominado por los zombis. Columbus es un gallina - pero cuando tienes miedo de ser comido por los zombis, el miedo puede mantenerte vivo. ... Leer m谩s
20:30 Cine: Constantine (2005)
Esta es la historia del irreverente detective sobrenatural John Constantine, que literalmente ha ido al infierno y ha regresado. Cuando Constantine une esfuerzos con la esc茅ptica polic铆a Angela Dodson ... Leer m谩s
23:00 Futurama
Leela creates a children's TV show that makes her an instant celebrity.
23:30 Futurama
The crew's time-traveling trip back to the American Revolution runs the risk of altering history.