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02:28 Serie: The Twilight Zone
Town drunk Al Denton (Dan Duryea) faces a notorious killer after miraculously regaining his gunfighting skills. Hotaling: Martin Landau. Fate: Malcolm Atterbury. Liz: Jeanne Cooper. Pete: Doug McClure. Doctor: Robert Burton. Leader: Arthur Batanides.
02:59 Serie: The Twilight Zone
A forgotten star of the '30s uses films of her old movies to recreate the spirit of her heyday.
03:30 Serie: The Twilight Zone
On the day his son is to be hanged, a father buys "magic dust" from a peddler who claims it will save his son. Sykes: Thomas Gomez. Gallegos: Vladimir Sokoloff. Luis: John Alonso. Canfield: Paul Genge. Sheriff: John Larch. Mrs. Canfield: Dorothy Adams. Estrelita: Andrea Margolis.
04:00 Paid Programming
Paid Programming.
04:30 Paid Programming
Paid Programming.
05:00 Serie: Protect your property from deed scams with the Title Lock Fraud Alert System
When a criminal fraudulently transfers your home title to a fake identity and steals your title, no one will notify you. Not your county, not the police, not even your bank. Home Title Lock protects your title 24/7 from this this fast-growing crime.
05:30 Serie: 5 Makeup Tips 4 You
Airbrushed makeup made easy!
06:00 Serie: The Twilight Zone
A lovesick suitor buys a guaranteed love potion, which works---too well. Based on a story by John Collier. Roger: George Grizzard. Leila: Patricia Barry. Daemon: John McIntire. Man in Homburg: J. Pat O'Malley. Blonde: Barbara Perry. Host: Rod Serling.
06:30 Cine: Critters Attack!
20-year-old Drea hopes to get on the good side of a professor from the college she hopes to attend by babysitting for said professor. She has trouble keeping the children busy, so she takes them on a hike. There, they encounter a group of alien critters.
08:30 Cine: The Crooked Man (2020)
The singing of a nursery rhyme summons a demonic figure known as the Crooked Man.

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