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00:00 Serie: NCIS
The murder of a petty officer in a small town outside of Washington, D.C., prompts NCIS to once again partner with "The Sherlocks," a privately funded investigative team that includes their newest member, Anthony DiNozzo Sr.
01:00 Serie: NCIS
Part 1 of 2. When Abby's homeland security think tank is compromised, it's discovered that a theoretical terror playbook has been stolen and is being auctioned on the black market. The episode concludes on "NCIS: New Orleans."
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02:30 Serie: Get Fit with Total Gym, Risk Free
Get in the best shape of your life with the Total Gym 30 Day Risk-Free Trial Offer.
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03:30 Serie: True Crime 2024
Every 3 seconds an American's identity is stolen. Just how safe is your 401k? Your bank account? Your home? Your credit? Crime Reporter Tom Morris Jr. investigates the identity theft epidemic. Find out how you can help protect yourself with LifeLock.
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04:00 Paid Programming
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04:30 Serie: Through the Bible with Les Feldick
A weekly series in which the host reads scripture passages.
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05:30 Serie: True Crime 2024
Every 3 seconds an American's identity is stolen. Just how safe is your 401k? Your bank account? Your home? Your credit? Crime Reporter Tom Morris Jr. investigates the identity theft epidemic. Find out how you can help protect yourself with LifeLock.
05:30 Paid Programming
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06:00 Serie: Bull
Bull helps a professional video gamer sue his former team for defamation after he is accused of throwing a championship game.
07:00 Serie: Bull
Trust issues surface between Bull and Benny during a case involving an army analyst when Benny doesn't share redacted government secrets. Also: Marissa makes the office work without the use of technology to avoid being hacked during the case.
08:00 Serie: Bull
Bull opposes Diana again in a manslaughter case, whose client tries to antagonize him through her.
09:00 Serie: Bull
A state governor is killed along with the owner of a skydiving company during a jump and Bull is enlisted to find out who sabotaged the jump. Later: Bull and his trial collaborator find themselves on opposing sides of the case.
10:00 Serie: Bull
Bull helps thousands of people bring a class action suit against a bank, but he stands to lose his business if he doesn't win at trial. Later: the case is threatened after Benny becomes attracted to a client and is inflicted with anxiety over a secret he's keeping from Bull.
11:00 Serie: Criminal Minds
Gideon and Hotch interview a couple on death row for serial-murder convictions hours before their executions to see if there are undiscovered bodies, and Gideon suspects the woman may be innocent.
12:00 Serie: Criminal Minds
A retired BAU profiler (Geoff Pierson) works with the team when a serial killer who eluded him years ago---and has become his obsession---may have resurfaced and started to kill again. The former profiler's lack of personal life has Elle reflecting on her own life and her lack of fulfillment outside of the job. Sylvia Gooden: Laura Gardner.
13:00 Serie: Criminal Minds
A group of college students in New Mexico is tortured and murdered, and the team suspects a group of killers with a knowledge of Native American rituals. The investigation is helped by a man respected among the local Apache Indians.
14:00 Serie: Criminal Minds
In New York City, the team tracks a serial killer who seems to choose victims indiscriminately, and as Morgan points out, "with no discernible victim pattern, a killer is practically impossible to stop."
15:00 Serie: Criminal Minds
While conducting a training seminar for the LAPD, Reid and Gideon become involved in a celebrity murder case and call the rest of the team out to California. As the case develops, they find it necessary to protect an actress (Amber Heard) who seems to develop an attraction to Reid, and the feeling is mutual. Parker: Jason Olive. Det. Kim: Ian Anthony Dale.
16:00 Serie: Criminal Minds
The team travels to a tourist town in Mexico where a woman was murdered. The local authorities there want the profilers to confirm that this is an isolated murder and not the work of a serial killer as the press is suggesting, thereby threatening the town's livelihood. Unfortunately, all the evidence points to a serial killer.
17:00 Serie: Criminal Minds
The team travels to Florida to search for a serial killer (Andy Comeau) whose identity is known, but who is eluding the local authorities while holding a woman captive. The team investigates his past, hoping to find clues that will reveal where the man is going. Doug Gregory: Robert Pine. Raymond McCarthy: Mark Totty.
18:00 Serie: Criminal Minds
Gideon's team investigates a CIA counter-terrorism unit to identify a traitor who had a fellow agent murdered and who is trying to find and kill the unit's informant, a Saudi woman with two children who are in hiding.
19:00 Serie: FBI
When a morning show host is murdered inside her home, the team tracks the killer, who they realize is targeting powerful women. Also, things become awkward for Scola when Special Agent Nina Chase becomes part of the team during Maggie's recovery.
20:00 Serie: FBI
The murder of a TSA agent leads the team to hunt down a killer who is using drug mules to exploit airport security checkpoints. Also, OA struggles to cope with the aftermath of the sarin gas exposure and the 10th anniversary of his army friend's death in Afghanistan.
21:00 Serie: FBI
When a retired DEA agent is shot outside a bakery, the team works to determine if the victim's past cases or current bouncer job are connected to the murder. Also, Nina and Tiffany clash over the use of an informant while they are paired during the investigation.
22:00 Serie: FBI
The team finds out that the bomb that they're chasing has been acquired by someone else.
23:00 Serie: FBI
When an officer is shot dead at a pawnshop with the owner, the team attempts to find out why a young Ivy League dropout is tied to the crime.