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00:00 Washington Week
00:30 Firing Line With Margaret Hoover
01:00 Serie: Great Performances
Take an inside look at the reimagined gender-swapped production as it returns to Broadway during the COVID-19 pandemic.
02:30 Beyond the Canvas
03:00 Serie: American Experience
Plague at the Golden Gate.

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05:00 This Old House
Old Woes.
05:30 Ask This Old House
Jenn talks about different types of succulents; Richard installs a reverse osmosis under-sink water filter; Tom builds a classic milk stool.
06:00 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
A look at giving and receiving includes a visit with illustrator Eric Carle. Also: a video on making fortune cookies; King Friday appreciates a gift.
06:30 Arthur
D.W. and Bud have an adventure in the backyard; Ladonna tries to take part in absolutely every fall activity that's offered in Elwood City.
07:00 Molly of Denali
It's salmon season, and the first order of business at fish camp is to help Grandpa Nat fix the broken fish wheel. But when the fish wheel goes missing, Molly and Tooey have a bigger problem to solve; Molly is determined to put together a team and win a gold medal for the Native Youth Olympics.
07:30 Wild Kratts
The group go on an adventure in the Amazon rainforest to find as many colorful parrots as they can.
08:00 Hero Elementary
AJ builds a gadget to help people understand Fur Blur's squeaks. But the gadget misfires and makes people squeak, instead of talk. Sparks' Crew must find ways to communicate information non-verbally in order to locate and reverse the gadget. --- Sparks Crew wants to make their own theme song, but they have no musical instruments.
08:30 Alma's Way
Alma learns how to achieve perfection through practice; Alma goes too far being Junior's "super sister".
09:00 Curious George
In the Season 3 opener, George and the Man in the Yellow Hat travel to the Antarctic to film a rare breed of penguins, but a pesky sea otter makes their job more difficult. Also: George grows a magnificent carrot; and helps a friend search for some missing rabbits.
09:30 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Prince Wednesday spills paint on his pants and the floor at school, and learns that accidents happen.
10:00 Donkey Hodie
The pals are waiting to hear Yodel Birds sing; Donkey Hodie makes lemondate with Duck Duck.
10:30 Serie: Elinor Wonders Why
Ari and Olive meet a new friend, Gael the lynx, and have fun playing a game of snow tag.
11:00 Sesame Street
Rosita helps Abby and Zoe imagine a wonderful fairytale.
11:30 Pinkalicious & Peterrific
Pinkalicious and Peter spot Kendra in a flashy store-bought go-kart, and with some help from Mommy, they make a homemade kart, the Sparkle Speedster.
12:00 Dinosaur Train
The Pteranodons travel to an underwater train station in order to return Elmer Elasmosaurus to his ocean home; the Pteranodons throw a party to introduce their new neighbors, the Lambeosaurus family, to the other neighborhood creatures.
12:30 Cyberchase
Bianca, Harry and the Cybersquad must thwart Hacker's latest plot to destroy Motherboard. The villain places giant bales of trash around Cyberspace in an attempt to choke and shut down the system.
13:00 This Old House
The old 170-year-old basement is getting an addition, but first the radon gas must be addressed.
13:30 This Old House
Old Woes.
14:00 Ask This Old House
Jenn talks about different types of succulents; Richard installs a reverse osmosis under-sink water filter; Tom builds a classic milk stool.
14:30 MotorWeek
The Volkswagen Tiguan and the Toyota Corolla Cross are featured.
15:00 Ask This Old House
Richard shows how to replace a toilet seat; Jenn Largesse builds a pergola for her backyard; Nathan repairs a century-old full mortise lockset.
15:30 A Chef's Life
In the Season 1 finale, a visit to Broad Slab Distillery in Benson, N.C., features a discussion about white lightning. The restaurant's mixologist also works moonshine into several new drinks; and the restaurant staff faces the holiday party season. Later, they cap the season with a party at Ben and Vivian's new house.
16:00 Serie: Craft in America
Metal artists are profiled. Included: silversmith Chloe Darke of Old Newbury Crafters in Amesbury, Mass.; Iraq War veteran Tom Pullin, who studies at Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, D.C.; and master sculptor Albert Paley, who's created monumental artworks for New York City's Park Avenue.
17:00 Serie: History Detectives
A shotgun that may have been used in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre by a member of Al Capone's gang; a threatening letter John Wilkes Booth's father may have written President Andrew Jackson; a possible grave alarm (a device used to stop grave robbers).
18:00 PBS News Weekend
18:30 Firing Line With Margaret Hoover
19:00 Antiques Roadshow
Catch captivating appraisals at Colonial Williamsburg during Roadshow's final hour in Virginia.
20:00 Serie: American Experience
Plague at the Golden Gate.
22:00 Serie: Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores the family secrets of journalist Gayle King, director Jordan Peele, and comedian Issa Rae, introducing them to ancestors who are both black and white, raising profound questions about their family trees.
23:00 Austin City Limits
Enjoy Texas artists from across the musical spectrum with Leon Bridges and Khruangbin. Fort Worth native Bridges performs modern R&B tunes from LP Gold-Diggers Sound. Houston trio Khruangbin plays worldbeat-tinged psych rock from its album Mordecai.