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00:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Frank and Marie announce that they are moving to a retirement community in New Jersey, much to the delight of everyone else, until it comes time for them to actually go.
00:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray and Debra travel to New Jersey to visit Frank and Marie at the retirement community, but their happy visit takes an unexpected, unpleasant turn. Scott: Holmes Osborne. Katie: Brooks Almy.
01:00 Serie: Three's Company
It seems it only takes a fake mustache to make Jack irresistible to Terri (Priscilla Barnes). John Ritter. Ginger: Jenny Sherman. Mrs. Alden: Mina Kolb. Janet: Joyce DeWitt.
01:30 Serie: Three's Company
Jack's conniving buddy could become his partner at the bistro if Mr. Angelino gets his way. Bill: Rod McCary. Jack: John Ritter. Angelino: Jordan Charney.
02:00 Serie: Three's Company
Janet and Terri think Jack is too proud to borrow money for the bistro's rent, so they set up a phony radio contest Jack's sure to win. John Ritter, Don Knotts. Angelino: Jordan Charney. Larry: Richard Kline.
02:30 Serie: Three's Company
Jack tries to retrieve a scathing letter he wrote to a restaurant critic before reading the critic's surprisingly favorable review of the Bistro. Townsend: Ken Olfson. Jack: John Ritter. Mrs. Fitsimmons: Natalie Core.
03:00 Serie: Three's Company
After making two dates for the same time, Jack has to come up with an alter ego---so he drafts Larry for the role. Richard Kline, John Ritter. Agnes: Rita Wilson. Sharon: Lana Clarkson. Janet: Joyce DeWitt.
03:30 Serie: Three's Company
Jack fears that his new flame is thinking marriage, but he isn't relieved to find that she only wants to have his baby. John Ritter, Richard Kline, Don Knotts.
04:00 Serie: Three's Company
Furley finally replaces a couch where Jack stashed $1000 accidentally disbursed by a bank machine. Don Knotts, John Ritter, Richard Kline. Bank Officer: Floyd Levine. Bank Guard: Chuck Lindsly.
04:30 Serie: Three's Company
Jack finds a "Rate Your Roommate" quiz and concludes that one of his roommates wants to have an affair with him. John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, Priscilla Barnes.
05:00 Serie: Three's Company
Jack's new girlfriend won't discuss her line of work---but not for the reason Janet thinks. John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, Priscilla Barnes. Sam: Ben Slack.
05:30 Serie: Three's Company
To impress a wealthy date, Jack gambles heavily at a charity casino party. John Ritter, Richard Kline, Joyce DeWitt, Priscilla Barnes. Bradley: John David Carson.
06:00 Serie: Gilligan's Island
Is a semiprecious stone the magical "Eye of the Idol" that'll help the castaways? Could be. Gilligan's wish for ice cream comes true. Howell: Jim Backus. Mrs. Howell: Natalie Schafer. The Professor: Russell Johnson. Ginger: Tina Louise. Mary Ann: Dawn Wells.
06:30 Serie: Gilligan's Island
Believing that rescue is nigh, the Skipper crash-diets and Gilligan eats heartily in the hope they can qualify for the Navy. Skipper: Alan Hale. Gilligan: Bob Denver. The Professor: Russell Johnson. Howell: Jim Backus. Mrs. Howell: Natalie Schafer. Ginger: Tina Louise. Mary Ann: Dawn Wells.
07:00 Serie: Gilligan's Island
A magician's props that drift ashore in a crate turn Gilligan from a mate to a Merlin. Well, make that a bumbling nuisance. Gilligan: Bob Denver. Skipper: Alan Hale. The Professor: Russell Johnson. Ginger: Tina Louise. Howell: Jim Backus. Mrs. Howell: Natalie Schafer.
07:30 Serie: Gilligan's Island
An eccentric painter is found living on the isle. The good news: he's got a shortwave. The bad news: he's very antisocial. Dubov: Harold J. Stone. Gilligan: Bob Denver. Skipper: Alan Hale. Howell: Jim Backus. Ginger: Tina Louise. The Professor: Russell Johnson. Mrs. Howell: Natalie Schafer. Mary Ann: Dawn Wells.
08:00 Serie: Gilligan's Island
Gilligan a Howell? Could be. Because the mate saves Mrs. Howell's life, he's adopted as the couple's son---and groomed as heir. Gilligan: Bob Denver. Howell: Jim Backus. Mrs. Howell: Natalie Schafer. Ginger: Tina Louise. Skipper: Alan Hale. The Professor: Russell Johnson.
08:30 Serie: Gilligan's Island
Gilligan's vanity suffers when a fall gives him a swollen nose that he thinks can only be healed by an operation. So the Professor preps for surgery, with the other castaways in attendance. The Professor: Russell Johnson. Howell: Jim Backus. Mrs. Howell: Natalie Schafer. Ginger: Tina Louise. Gilligan: Bob Denver.
09:00 Serie: Gilligan's Island
A native maiden sets her sights on Gilligan. Her mom is played by Henny Backus, whose husband Jim portrays Thurston Howell III. Daughter: Mary Foran. Father: Russ Grieve. Warrior: Eddie Little Sky. Gilligan: Bob Denver. Skipper: Alan Hale. Mrs. Howell: Natalie Schafer. The Professor: Russell Johnson.
09:30 Serie: Gilligan's Island
In a beauty contest, the Skipper favors Ginger; Mr. Howell, his wife; and the Professor, Mary Ann. The deciding vote is Gilligan's, but he's sure to hurt someone's feelings. Gilligan: Bob Denver. Skipper: Alan Hale. Howell: Jim Backus. Mrs. Howell: Natalie Schafer. Ginger: Tina Louise.
10:00 Serie: Night Court
The guest list for Christine's party includes reluctant co-workers and a witness to a mob hit with a price on his head. Markie Post. Maria: Mimi Lieber. Costas: Dick O'Neill. Dan: John Larroquette.
10:30 Serie: Night Court
The gang works to clear 207 cases so an orphanage can be saved and so Dan (John Larroquette) can win the pool for the most convictions. Otis: Pat Corley. Morley: Brian Mitchell. Miss Phillips: Marcia Wallace.
11:00 Serie: Night Court
Misunderstandings arise when Harry is visited by a friend (Jude Mussetter) who, during a passionate embrace, tells him she's married. Sheldon: Beau Starr. Dolly: Catherine Carlen. Mario: Phil Rubenstein.
11:30 Serie: Night Court
Soviet defector Yakov Korolenko tries to obtain a visa, while sparks fly between Harry and a charming Soviet consul. Ludmila: Irena Ferris. Dimitri: Allan Kolman. Johnny Carson appears as himself.
12:00 Serie: Night Court
During Roz's first therapy session to temper her hostilities, a gunman takes the group hostage. Marsha Warfield. Jack: Don Cheadle. Ward: Anthony Holland.
12:30 Serie: Night Court
Harry's innocent prank results in the death of an elderly judge (Parley Baer). Judge Cleaver: Gary Kroeger. Axel: Al Berry. Fanny: Elizabeth Talbot-Martin. Harry: Harry Anderson.
13:00 Serie: Night Court
After inheriting $2 million, Mac quits his job and is replaced by an inept clerk. Quon Le: Denice Kumagai. Eddie: Jack McGee. Klimmer: Keene Curtis. Maurice: Harvey Jason. Flamona: Lisa Pescia.
13:30 Serie: Night Court
Dan feigns illness when he's ordered on an Army Reserve mission, but recovers when he meets a career officer. Part 1 of three. Wanda: Anne Bloom. Foster: George Murdock. Phil: William Utay.
14:00 Serie: Night Court
Part 2. News that Dan is missing and presumed dead stuns the courtroom, and the staff plans a memorial service---unaware that Dan's being tended to by Eskimos. Kista: Kelly Hu. Dr. Mooney: Michael McManus. Kumok: Sam Vlahos.
14:30 Serie: Night Court
Conclusion. Dan must perform emergency surgery on Kista (Kelly Hu). Meanwhile, back in New York, the memorial service for Dan takes place. Dr. Mooney: Michael McManus. Harry: Harry Anderson. Christine: Markie Post.
15:00 Serie: Night Court
As a fire engulfs the fourth floor, fleeing staffers hit a dead end in their escape---the morgue, where election-night jitters distract candidate Dan (John Larroquette). Morton: Paul Lambert.
15:30 Serie: Night Court
A stranger Harry asks out is exposed later as a porn star. Harry Anderson, Markie Post, Richard Moll, John Larroquette, Charles Robinson.
16:00 Serie: Night Court
A bailiff trainee is no match for a psychotic woman who escapes from her custody and runs off with Dan (John Larroquette), intending to reenact the plot of an old horror movie. Bull: Richard Moll.
16:30 Serie: Night Court
Christine agonizes over a Thanksgiving dinner that later has the diners in agony over eating it. Meanwhile, Mac studies with a seductive classmate. Lenore: Renee Jones. Quon Le: Denice Kumagai.
17:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Ally's piano lessons with Marie (Doris Roberts) strike a note of regret in former player Ray, who signs up for a refresher course. Ray: Ray Romano. Debra: Patricia Heaton. Robert: Brad Garrett. Frank: Peter Boyle.
17:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray is feeling aces when a doctor prescribes more time on the links as a means of alleviating stress. Debra: Patricia Heaton. Kevin: Kevin James.
18:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
At his parents' 40th-anniversary party, Ray (Ray Romano) learns that they were once separated for more than a year. Uncle Mel: Phil Leeds. Amy: Monica Horan. Marie: Doris Roberts. Frank: Peter Boyle.
18:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Debra (Patricia Heaton) tries to convince Ray to set up an office in their house. Sportscaster Pat O'Brien appears as himself. Andy: Andy Kindler. Dave: Dave Attell.
19:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Debra and Ray collaborate on a children's book, but the partnership doesn't seem to be destined for a happy ending. Debra: Patricia Heaton. Ray: Ray Romano. Ally: Madylin Sweeten.
19:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray is giftless in Long Island after the rest of the family breaks tradition and buys Frank (Peter Boyle) presents for his birthday. Andy: Andy Kindler. Marie: Doris Roberts. Robert: Brad Garrett.
20:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Cool Debra (Patricia Heaton) steals Ray's thunder at his high-school reunion when she hits it off with the "popular" gang while he chews the fat with the nerd herd. Scott: Bob Odenkirk. Warren: Brian Posehn.
20:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
When Marie (Doris Roberts) ruins Debra's Tupperware party, Debra decides it's time to confront her mother-in-law---via letter. Amy: Monica Horan. Helen: Nora Dunn.
21:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
All Ray wants for Christmas is some romantic downtime with Debra (Patricia Heaton), but his plans go awry. Andy: Andy Kindler. Erin: Christine Cavanaugh. Robert: Brad Garrett. Marie: Doris Roberts.
21:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
To spend time with his dad (Peter Boyle), Raymond enlists to participate in a Civil War battle reenactment. Debra: Patricia Heaton. Harry: John O'Donohue. Marie: Doris Roberts.
22:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Frank's aunt (Argentina Brunetti) visits from Italy and works her Old World charm on the entire famiglia Barone. Anna: Stella Farentino. Uncle Mel: Phil Leeds. Cab Driver: Mike Batay.
22:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
It's a recipe for disaster when Ray asks his mother (Doris Roberts) to teach Debra (Patricia Heaton) to cook meatballs her way. Robert: Brad Garrett. Frank: Peter Boyle.
23:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Debra (Patricia Heaton) charges Ray with organizing the family finances, and somehow the numbers just don't add up. Robert: Brad Garrett. Andy: Andy Kindler. Nemo: Joseph V. Perry.
23:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray joins cop-brother Robert (Brad Garrett) on a ride-along and winds up in the middle of a hold-up at Nemo's pizzeria. Judy: Sherri Shepherd. Nemo: Joseph V. Perry. Hold-up Guy: Stephen Bruno.