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00:00 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Walden becomes a foster parent to a 6-year-old boy, but worries about himself when they don't hit it off like he hoped.
00:30 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Alan breaks Walden's rules when he realizes that Louis thinks he's cool, and he wants it stay that way.
01:00 Serie: Three's Company
Free-lance typist Chrissy takes on a provocative diary manuscript that Roper (Norman Fell) mistakes for her own memoirs. Jack: John Ritter. Helen: Audra Lindley. Janet: Joyce DeWitt.
01:30 Serie: Three's Company
In a match of willpower, Chrissy goes on a fast while Jack avoids romance. Grace: Angel Tompkins. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Mrs. Roper: Audra Lindley. Roper: Norman Fell.
02:00 Serie: Three's Company
Jack and Chrissy suspect Mrs. Roper of having an affair. John Ritter, Suzanne Somers. Jerry: Art Kassul. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Roper: Norman Fell.
02:30 Serie: Three's Company
Janet finds her visiting younger sister in bed with Jack (John Ritter). Chrissy: Suzanne Somers. Roper: Norman Fell. Mrs. Roper: Audra Lindley.
03:00 Serie: Community
Jeff befriends Señor Chang at the gang's urging in hopes of reducing the class's homework load. When the pair end up hitting it off, Jeff begins receiving special perks from his new friend. Elsewhere, Troy and Abed lose track of their biology-lab subject.
03:30 Serie: Community
Jeff tries to find a date for a night out with Pierce and his new girlfriend (Sharon Lawrence). Elsewhere, Annie needs a crash course in human anatomy before her health-fair presentation.
04:00 Serie: Community
A bully (Anthony Michael Hall) challenges Jeff, who's also worried about failing Spanish. Elsewhere, Shirley plans a Christmas party for the gang without realizing that not all of them celebrate the holiday.
04:30 Serie: Community
The study group reconvenes following winter break and could gain a new member if the original members deem their classmate worthy. Elsewhere, Jeff becomes the editor of the Greendale Gazette Journal. Jack Black guest stars.
05:00 Serie: Community
Jeff tries to keeps his new relationship a secret, but the study group doesn't make it easy for him. Elsewhere, Troy and Britta come clean with their own secrets.
05:30 Serie: Community
Jeff and Britta take an interest in Annie's love life when they discover she's interested in Vaughn. Elsewhere, Pierce struggles to fit in during Troy and Abed's movie night.
06:00 Serie: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Dick looks into the possibility of undergoing plastic surgery and Harry has his outlook changed after the surgeon (David Hasselhoff) assesses his features. Bug: David DeLuise. Leon: Ian Lithgow. Pitman: Chris Hogan. Sally: Kristen Johnston. Dubcek: Elmarie Wendel. Harry: French Stewart.
06:30 Serie: 3rd Rock from the Sun
The Solomons learn about racism: While Dick (John Lithgow) is ever-so-slow to grasp a situation, his cohorts use the topic as the theme for a poetry contest. Nina: Simbi Khali. Alissa: Larisa Oleynik. Caryn: Danielle Nicolet. Bug: David DeLuise . Leon: Ian Lithgow. Mrs. Goltra: Jane Morris.
07:00 Serie: 3rd Rock from the Sun
While Sally (Kristen Johnston) finds out about birth control and Dick learns about tipping, Tommy and Harry discover the rewards of panhandling. Rico: Chad Einbinder. Dr. Severson: Aaron Lustig. Waitress: Victoria L. Kelleher. Mr. Mora: Phil Reeves. Pizza Guy: Brian Dunkleman. Dick: John Lithgow. Albright: Jane Curtin.
07:30 Serie: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Dick (John Lithgow) finds out what it means to be charitable; Sally tries to stop snoring; Harry and Tommy attempt to write a new statement for the Solomons' mission. Father Matthew: Bob Bancroft. Auctioneer: Ron Fassler. Ben: Philip Bolden. Sally: Kristen Johnston. Harry: French Stewart.
08:00 Serie: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Albright gets a grant to make a documentary about the Solomons, and when the action begins, all sorts of dramatic revelations occur. Alissa: Larisa Oleynik. Rico: Chad Einbinder. Harry: French Stewart. Tommy: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
08:30 Serie: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Dick and Mary try socializing with another couple (Genie Francis, Jonathan Frakes), while the other Solomons discover the laundromat, where Sally does a spin as a "Judge Judy." Miranda: Heidi Mark. Housewife: Jeanette O'Connor. Young Man: Jeff Lewis. Large Man: Tom Kiesche. Man: Steve Bean. Sally: Kristen Johnston. Harry: French Stewart. Tommy: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
09:00 Serie: 3rd Rock from the Sun
After he learns that Mary's in analysis, Dick sees the same therapist (Ana Gasteyer), but views things differently; meanwhile, Tommy has a detour en route to a blissful evening. Alissa: Larisa Oleynik. Rico: Chad Einbinder. Tiffany: Lindsey J. McKeon. Mary: Jane Curtin. Tommy: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Officer Don: Wayne Knight.
09:30 Serie: 3rd Rock from the Sun
When the Big Giant Head (William Shatner) comes back to get his son, he falls in love with the infant's mom, the uninterested Vicki (Jan Hooks). Waiter: Doug Maida. Harry: French Stewart. Mary: Jane Curtin. Sally: Kristen Johnston.
10:00 Serie: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Mary discovers that Dick's fantasies are not about her; and she asks Sally (Kristen Johnston), who's developed creative touches, to cater her dinner party. Nina: Simbi Khali. Leon: Ian Lithgow. Caryn: Danielle Nicolet. Dr. Hallstrom: Richard Livingston. Saleswoman: Louan Gideon.

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10:30 Serie: 3rd Rock from the Sun
While Dick and Tommy try their luck in the stock market, Sally is incensed when a new policewoman (Chyna) appears to be stronger than she. President: Francis X. McCarthy. Vice President: David A. Kimball. Executive: Steven Pierce. Receptionist: Michelle N. Johnson. Dick: John Lithgow. Tommy: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Sally: Kristen Johnston.
11:00 Cine: Underworld (1927)
Kate Beckinsale stars in this solemn, highly stylized fantasy about a centuries-old war between vampires and werewolves. The conflict becomes even more complicated when a princess of darkness crosses ... Leer más
13:30 Cine: Underworld: Evolution (2006)
Tras la muerte de Viktor, rey de los vampiros, y la persecución de Selene y Michael, el despertar de Marcus, último de los tres grandes vampiros, ahora convertido en el segundo hibrído vampiro-licantropo, ... Leer más
16:00 Cine: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)
Esta precuela narra la historia de las huellas de los orígenes de un sangriento enfrentamiento con siglos de antigüedad entre la aristocracia vampírica y los que en tiempos fueron sus esclavos, los ... Leer más
18:00 Cine: Van Helsing
Un hombre viaja a Transilvania para acabar con el enigmático y poderoso conde Drácula. Una intrépida cazadora se unirá a él.
21:00 Cine: The Wolverine (1921)
Still mourning the death of Jean Grey, Wolverine travels to Japan after an old friend tells him that he can remove his immortality, but he soon gets caught up in a conspiracy involving the yakuza in this ... Leer más
23:45 Cine: Van Helsing
Un hombre viaja a Transilvania para acabar con el enigmático y poderoso conde Drácula. Una intrépida cazadora se unirá a él.