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00:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray and Debra are divided over what to do about Ally (Madylin Sweeten) continually sneaking into bed with them, so Ray calls in an expert---his mother (Doris Roberts). Frank: Peter Boyle. Robert: Brad Garrett.
00:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray pesters his mom about why she prefers Robert's girlfriend (Monica Horan) to Debra (Patricia Heaton). Robert: Brad Garrett. Frank: Peter Boyle. Ray: Ray Romano.
01:00 Serie: Sanford and Son
Fred claims to be descended from King Solomon. Demond Wilson. Aunt Esther: LaWanda Page. Bubba: Don Bexley.
01:30 Serie: Sanford and Son
Aspiring songwriter Fred plans to sell his material to B.B. King (who appears as himself). Demond Wilson. Esther: LaWanda Page. Bubba: Don Bexley.
02:00 Serie: Sanford and Son
Lamont and Donna are puzzled by Fred's nightly disappearing act, until they learn his purpose: night school. Fred: Redd Foxx. Lamont: Demond Wilson. Donna: Lynn Hamilton.
02:30 Serie: Sanford and Son
This episode introduces cantankerous junkman Fred Sanford (played by Redd Foxx) and his son, Lamont (Demond Wilson), who's always fighting with the old man and looking for a better life. Adapted from the British hit "Steptoe and Son."
03:00 Serie: Sanford and Son
Fred ruins Lamont's plans to give him a happy birthday. Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson.
03:30 Serie: Sanford and Son
A funeral march would be appropriate music to match the mood on Lamont's wedding day. Lamont: Demond Wilson. Aunt Hazel: Lillian Randolph. Fred: Redd Foxx. Minister: Alvin Childress. Aunt Rosetta: Royce Williams. Crystal: Carol Speed.
04:00 Serie: Sanford and Son
Lamont's get-rich-quick scheme has Sanford anticipating disaster. Lamont: Demond Wilson. Otto: Leonard Stone. Kelly: Clancy Cooper.
04:30 Serie: Sanford and Son
Fred and Lamont visit a mobile clinic for free chest X-rays.
05:00 Serie: Sanford and Son
Fred tries to keep Lamont from discovering who broke his valuable porcelain. Off. Smith: Hal Williams.
05:30 Serie: Sanford and Son
Privacy's the problem for ladies' man Lamont, who decides to take a pad without an ever-present papa. Fred: Redd Foxx. Lamont: Demond Wilson. Darlene: Judyann Elder. Ernestine: Tangerine Sublett. Landlady: Lynn Hamilton. Dorothy: Dorothy Meyer.
06:00 Serie: Sanford and Son
Fred takes on a collection agency. Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson. Hamlin: Dick Van Patten.
06:30 Serie: Sanford and Son
Fred sleeps outside because of what's inside---two coffins Lamont picked up at an auction. Lamont: Demond Wilson.
07:00 Serie: Sanford and Son
Lamont disagrees with Fred's choice of a fiancée and is set on breaking the match before it's too late. Fred: Redd Foxx. Lamont: Demond Wilson. Donna: Lynn Hamilton. Melvin: Slappy White.
07:30 Serie: Sanford and Son
Fred tries to wangle a color TV set out of Lamont (Demond Wilson). Fred: Redd Foxx. Melvin: Slappy White. Doctor: Peter Bonerz.
08:00 Serie: Sanford and Son
The stolen loot of a gunman is now the property of Sanford and son. Lamont: Demond Wilson. Smitty: Hal Williams. Swanhauser: Noam Pitlik.
08:30 Serie: Sanford and Son
Fred's girlfriend has marriage ideas that Lamont is determined to squelch. Fred: Redd Foxx. Donna: Lynn Hamilton. Lamont: Demond Wilson. Sheila: Hope Atkinson.
09:00 Serie: Sanford and Son
Sanford and son get a free piano from a man whose refined tastes put Fred on edge. Fred: Redd Foxx. Policeman: Rich Hurst. Lamont: Demond Wilson.
09:30 Serie: Sanford and Son
Fred's sure he dreamed up a winner in the numbers game. Fred: Redd Foxx. Lamont: Demond Wilson. Aunt Ethel: Beah Richards. Bubba: Don Bexley. Gunman: David Moses.
10:00 Serie: Night Court
Dan is willing to do almost anything to be admitted into a club, but saving Christine from a disaster involving a member could scuttle his chances. George: Mitchell Laurance. Christine: Markie Post.
10:30 Serie: Night Court
A mad inventor flees when Harry calls in the boys from Bellevue; a computer glitch declares Christine dead; a man (Patrick Cronin) appears in court after coming out of a 20-year coma. Higgins: Steven Barr.
11:00 Serie: Night Court
Harry's stepfather comes bearing gifts on a night when Roz goes to jail for refusing to return toys marked as evidence, which she assumed were for the needy. McCracken: Jordan Charney.
11:30 Serie: Night Court
Bull's high IQ score on a test lands him a post at a think tank doing animal-communication research. Judith: Robin Curtis. Dr. Keating: Kurt Knudson. Ursula: Jane Dulo. Bull: Richard Moll.
12:00 Serie: Night Court
The staff drops in on Christine to watch TV after she's been up all night taking care of the neighbor's baby. Jan: Laura Waterbury. Cherie: Jacqueline Rowen. Dr. Friedman: John Welsh.
12:30 Serie: Night Court
A city auditor threatens to charge the courtroom staff with fraud for unlikely expenditures. Part 1 of two. Harry Anderson. Roz: Marsha Warfield. Bull: Richard Moll. Christine: Markie Post.
13:00 Serie: Night Court
Conclusion. The courtroom audit comes to a halt when a gun-toting clown holds up the proceedings and staffers level accusations at each other. Edwards: Richard Sanders. Dan: John Larroquette.
13:30 Serie: Night Court
A woman brandishing a grenade visits the courtroom and demands that Harry grant her imprisoned husband a pardon. Mrs. Daley: Marion Ross. Fleming: Larry Anderson. Fischer: Christopher Cass. Frank: Jed Mills.
14:00 Serie: Night Court
A faulty hypnotic suggestion leaves Bull in a cold sweat during the grand-prize round of a TV game show he's competing in to help fund a playground for underprivileged kids. Fleck: Robert Ridgely. Chip: Tony Longo.
14:30 Serie: Night Court
Christine chides co-workers for their reactions to her new beau, an older gent Harry thinks is just a father figure. Pepper: Rhonda Aldrich. Cynthia: Mary Jo Catlett.
15:00 Serie: Night Court
Sparks fly on election day when Dan meets his headstrong opponent; and Mel Torme drops by with concert tickets for Harry, who in turn gives Mel his cold. Doctor: John Welsh. Phil: William Utay.
15:30 Serie: Night Court
Christine spies Harry imbibing with a mobster, and Harry's stepfather wants to confess a secret. Part 1 of two. Buddy: John Astin. Tim Bond: Timothy Stack. Dr. Dumont: Jeff Doucette. Waitress: Rachel Sweet.
16:00 Serie: Night Court
Conclusion. Harry suffers an identity crisis and finds himself on a mobster's hit list after participating in a sting operation. Tim: Timothy Stack. Dr. Dumont: Jeff Doucette. Mr. Perine: John Wheeler. Mrs. Perine: Danna Hansen.
16:30 Serie: Night Court
Roz falls madly in love with Christine's prisoner pen pal, who tells everyone that he was recently paroled. James: Dennis Haysbert. Det. Griffin: George Murdock. Rita: Lisa Waltz. Roz: Marsha Warfield. Christine: Markie Post.
17:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
At Ally's T-ball game, Debra (Patricia Heaton) gets upset when Ray doesn't go to bat for her after a run-in with a pushy parent (Dan Castellaneta). Lisa: Jenny Buchanan. Parent: Jerry Hauck. Marie: Doris Roberts. Frank: Peter Boyle.
17:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Robert (Brad Garrett) drives the family crazy when he practices his traffic-school presentation on them. Debra: Patricia Heaton. Frank: Peter Boyle. Marie: Doris Roberts.
18:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray (Ray Romano) experiences a midlife crisis when he discovers that he's shrunk a quarter of an inch. Andy: Andy Kindler. Kevin: Kevin James. Gianni: Joe Manfrellotti.

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18:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
While gathering baby clothes for a garage sale, Ray (Ray Romano) gets to thinking about having another child, but that's not something Debra (Patricia Heaton) has given much thought to.
19:00 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Charlie thinks Rose is joking when she says she's moving to London, but then he finds out it's true and realizes he's taken her for granted. Meanwhile, Alan hits it off with his online date (Allison Janney), but he tells her that the house is his and that he's a chiropractor to the stars. Sheri: Andrea Lynn Silvers.
19:30 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Charlie starts dating a 24-year-old named Robin (Brooke D'Orsay) and Alan warns him that he's too old to keep up. Charlie not only ignores his brother, but he talks Alan into a double date with one of Robin's young friends. Donna: Morgan Fairchild. Megan: Molly Morgan.
20:00 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Evelyn complains about the lack of mourning at a friend's funeral, leading Charlie and Alan to be brutally honest with her about what hers could be like because of how she treats people. But they discover that not everyone feels the same way about her when they drop by on her birthday.
20:30 Serie: Two and a Half Men
When Jake takes down his Harry Potter posters and replaces them with pictures of women, Alan feels like he's losing his little boy and has a midlife crisis. Rodney: Frankie Jay Allison. Detective: Ben Hermes. Kandi: April Bowlby.
21:00 Serie: Two and a Half Men
As Judith and Herb's wedding day nears, Charlie befriends Herb's sister. Myra: Judy Greer. Bethany: Sara Erikson. Herb: Ryan Stiles.
21:30 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Judith's wedding approaches and Alan prepares Jake for the event. Meanwhile, Charlie continues his romance with Myra (Judy Greer), Herb's sister. Shannon: Deirdre Lovejoy. Tailor: Avner Garbi. Minister: Bob Rumnock.
22:00 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Alan befriends a single gay father (Matt Roth), which prompts Alan and Charlie to reexamine their sexual identities. Meanwhile, Jake develops a crush on the man's daughter (Kay Panabaker). Dr. Freeman: Jayne Lynch.
22:30 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Charlie takes Jake to the track, where Jake comes into some serious winnings. Meanwhile, Alan is stuck at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Petey: Joel Murray. Lena: Andrea Savage. Jeanie: Nadine Ellis.
23:00 Serie: Two and a Half Men
A handyman (Enrique Iglesias) working at the house steals Charlie's latest lover. Chloe: Rachel Cannon.
23:30 Serie: Two and a Half Men
As the fourth season ends, Alan and Charlie's father issues surface when Evelyn's new boyfriend (Robert Wagner) befriends them and takes them to Vegas on his private jet. Hugo: Mike Connors. Rapper: Ian "Blaze" Kelly. Referee: Bob Rusch. Tiffany: Jacqueline Lord.