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00:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray and Frank take advantage of the silent feud between Debra and Marie to get what they want, but Robert is horrified by their selfish actions. Robert: Brad Garrett. Frank: Peter Boyle. Marie: Doris Roberts.
00:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
In this flashback episode, Ray and Debra reminisce about the first time they made love. Suddenly the clock turns back 15 years, and Ray's pals are teaching him about signals women supposedly send out when they want to have sex. Ray believes Debra is giving off those does Marie, who'll stop at nothing to prevent her beloved son from having premarital sex. Father Hubley: Charles Durning. Gianni: Jon Manfrellotti. Bernie: Tom McGowan.
01:00 Serie: Monk
An ex-cop suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder solves crimes with various (and usually exasperated) sidekicks in tow in this first-rate mystery with a breakout Emmy-winning star in Tony Shalhoub. The 'defective detective' may have an abundance of phobias (heights, crowds, and even milk, among them), but he also has razor-sharp deductive skills, which he uses to help the San Francisco police with especially baffling cases.

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02:00 Serie: Monk
Conclusion. Obsessive-compulsive ex-cop Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) comes out of a forced retirement to investigate the murder of a politician's bodyguard.
03:00 Serie: Monk
Monk (Tony Shalhoub) investigates the death of a former police commissioner's wife, whose body is discovered by a crackpot psychic. Sharona: Bitty Schram. Capt. Stottlemeyer: Ted Levine.
04:00 Serie: Monk
A murder investigation leads Monk and Sharona to an obnoxious, obese tycoon (Adam Arkin) who claims innocence on the basis of his inability to climb out of bed. Lt. Disher: Jason Grey-Stanford. Stottlemeyer: Ted Levine. Monk: Tony Shalhoub. Sharona: Bitty Schram.
05:00 Serie: Monk
A police officer (Stephen McHattie) meets with his shadowy informant on an amusement park's Ferris wheel, but when the ride comes to an end, the informant turns up dead. Stottlemeyer: Ted Levine. Sharona: Bitty Schram. Monk: Tony Shalhoub.
06:00 Serie: Monk
A visit to his late wife's former home results in Monk's placement in an institution, where he stumbles across a unsolved murder case. Dr. Lancaster: Dennis Boutsikaris. Wurster: Kevin Nealon. Monk: Tony Shalhoub. Sharona: Bitty Schram.
07:00 Serie: Monk
Monk is fascinated by the death of a billionaire (J.C. MacKenzie) who was shot trying to mug a couple. But Sharona is more concerned with her bounced paycheck. Modine: Peter Onorati. Myra: Jessica Steen. Willis: Richard Chevolleau. Dr. Kroger: Stanley Kamel. Lt. Disher: Jason Gray-Stanford. Moratta: Jonathan Rannells. Sharona: Bitty Schram. Monk: Tony Shalhoub. Stottlemeyer: Ted Levine.
08:00 Serie: Monk
Although still racked with grief over the death of his wife, Monk (Tony Shalhoub) is tempted by the charms of a beautiful divorcée who may be a murder suspect. Stottlemeyer: Ted Levine. Sharona: Bitty Schram.
09:00 Serie: Who's the Boss?
Angela's new beau shares Tony's interest in sports, but Angela isn't thrilled about sharing him with Tony. Jeffrey: Kenneth Gilman. Angela: Judith Light. Tony: Tony Danza. Mona: Katherine Helmond.
09:30 Serie: Who's the Boss?
Angela discovers that Tony is moonlighting to finance his father's apartment, but his father's been dead for a year. Judith Light, Tony Danza. Mona: Katherine Helmond. Jonathan: Danny Pintauro.
10:00 Serie: Who's the Boss?
Angela and Mona take Samantha shopping for "women's things" as Tony wrestles with the fact that his little girl is growing up. Alyssa Milano, Tony Danza, Judith Light, Katherine Helmond. Sales Clerk: Leslie Chain.
10:30 Serie: Who's the Boss?
Angela puts Tony in his place after he has her car painted a color she said she didn't like. Judith Light, Tony Danza. Diane: Delta Burke. Phoebe: Melanie Vincz. Vivian: Linda Hoy.
11:00 Serie: Who's the Boss?
At a party, Tony embarrasses Angela in front of the new chairman of the board by throwing out a vice-president (Earl Boen) after he impugns Angela's reputation. Tony Danza, Judith Light. McKenna: Richard Stahl.
11:30 Serie: Who's the Boss?
When Mona is evicted, Tony suggests that she move into the loft over the garage, but the arrangement is a little too cozy for Angela. Katherine Helmond, Tony Danza, Judith Light. Dominic: Pat Harrington Jr.
12:00 Serie: Who's the Boss?
Angela's estranged husband returns to rekindle their romance---which could threaten Tony's job. First of two parts. Judith Light, Tony Danza, Katherine Helmond. Jonathan: Danny Pintauro.
12:30 Serie: Who's the Boss?
Conclusion. Soon after Tony finds a new job and moves out, old problems resurface between Angela and Michael (James Naughton). Judith Light. Mrs. Randolf: Helen Kleeb. Tony: Tony Danza. Leo: Ian Abercrombie.
13:00 Serie: Who's the Boss?
A TV reporter, trying to spice up her story on career women, catches Angela and Tony in a compromising situation. Judith Light, Tony Danza. Mona: Katherine Helmond.
13:30 Serie: Who's the Boss?
While chaperoning the school dance, Tony embarrasses Samantha when her friends see him kissing their teacher (Michelle NiCastro). Tony Danza, Alyssa Milano. Bobby: Peter Billingsley. Angela: Judith Light.
14:00 Serie: Who's the Boss?
Tony assumes his mooching father-in-law wants to spend his last weeks with Samantha because he's dying. Tony Danza, Alyssa Milano. Retsin: James Louis Watkins. Angela: Judith Light.
14:30 Serie: Who's the Boss?
When Jonathan starts picking up Tony's bad habits, Angela demands to be consulted on anything regarding her son. Judith Light, Tony Danza. Officer: James Hampton. Beeman: Claude Earl Jones.
15:00 Serie: Who's the Boss?
Tony can't afford to pay for a ski trip that Samantha desperately wants to go on with all her friends. Tony Danza, Alyssa Milano. Dr. Ferguson: Jim Jansen. Marci: Nicole Eggert.
15:30 Serie: Who's the Boss?
Angela and Tony are tempted to compromise their relationship while "celebrating" Angela's birthday. Jeff: Jeff Conaway. Wendy: Dori Brenner. Isabel: Fern Fitzgerald. Angela: Judith Light. Tony: Tony Danza.
16:00 Serie: Who's the Boss?
Angela retrieves a homesick Jonathan from camp and recalls her first "adult" kiss with a boy from the same camp where Tony spent his summers. Part 1 of two. Tony Danza. Wormser: Richard Sanders. Jonathan: Danny Pintauro. Mona: Katherine Helmond.
16:30 Serie: Who's the Boss?
After visiting the site in the woods where each remembers from their past, a thunderstorm prevents Tony and Angela from returning to the campsite in time. They end up having to share a room at a cheap hotel. Meanwhile, Mona and the campers tell scary stories and play pranks on the counselor.
17:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Robert, distraught over a feud between Marie and Debra, joins a support group. But the family fears it's a cult, so they work to free him from it. Judy: Sherri Shepherd. Mariann: Susan Yeagley. Gerard: Fred Stoller. Robert: Brad Garrett.
17:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Debra convinces Ray they need marriage counseling.
18:00 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray must address the school district's curriculum review board after he complains to Ally's teacher that Ally has too much homework and the teacher agrees with him. Miss Purcell: Kimberly Scott. Guy: Jerry Lambert. Silber: Diana Tanaka. Ally: Madylin Sweeten.
18:30 Serie: Everybody Loves Raymond
As a challenge to himself, Ray writes an early eulogy for Frank in which he recalls a time when he watched his so-called tough dad pet a bunny. Unfortunately, Frank learns of it and vehemently denies that the event ever occurred. Meanwhile, Marie wants to know where her eulogy is. Stan: Victor Raider-Wexler. Garvin: Len Lesser. Frank: Peter Boyle. Marie: Doris Roberts.
19:00 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Alan becomes paranoid when Charlie and Lyndsey start to become friends.
19:30 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Charlie can't get over Rose being married, and he begins to stalk her; and Alan is worried when Jake and Eldridge make videos of each other performing dangerous stunts.
20:00 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Charlie and Rose's affair continues while Alan's chiropractic business turns shady.
20:30 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Alan learns Rose's secret when he meets her "husband," and Rose uncovers Alan's Ponzi scheme. Meanwhile, Charlie scrambles to find time to be alone with Rose.
21:00 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Carefree jingle writer Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) has his lifestyle altered when his uptight brother and his 10-year-old nephew (Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones) move in with him. Evelyn Harper: Holland Taylor. Judith Harper: Marin Hinkle. Rose: Melanie Lynskey.
21:30 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Despite warnings from Charlie, Jake continues to feed seagulls on the deck and the birds invade the house. Meanwhile, Charlie thinks Judith is taking advantage of Alan, who keeps going to her house to fix things. Jake: Angus T. Jones. Judith: Marin Hinkle. Alan: Jon Cryer. Charlie: Charlie Sheen.
22:00 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Jake wants to go home to his mom after he gets sick, prompting Alan to think he's a failure as a husband and now as a father. Cab Driver: Darryl Sivad. Rose: Melanie Lynskey. Evelyn: Holland Taylor. Jake: Angus T. Jones.
22:30 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Alan and Charlie have encounters with some highly libidinous soccer moms, but with two very different outcomes. Kate: Liz Vassey. Gloria: Christine Dunford. Brooke: Tricia O'Kelley. Bill: Eric Allan Kramer. Alan: Jon Cryer.
23:00 Serie: Two and a Half Men
The guys go to Evelyn's house to meet the new man she's dating, and Charlie realizes the man's daughter (Krista Allen) is a woman he's trying to avoid. Tommy: Madison Mason. Evelyn: Holland Taylor. Charlie: Charlie Sheen.
23:30 Serie: Two and a Half Men
Judith is upset with Alan and Charlie when she learns that a surfer (Kristin Datillo) who uses Charlie's shower walks around half naked in front of Jake . Then Alan's worried when Judith and the surfer become friends. Judith: Marin Hinkle. Jake: Angus T. Jones. Alan: Jon Cryer.