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00:00 Washington Week with the Atlantic
00:30 Firing Line With Margaret Hoover
01:00 Great Performances
Exploring the work of two legendary virtuosos, Nicolo Paganini and Robert Johnson, along with stars of today, Augustin Hadelich and Keb Mo. Joined by Cirque du Soleil acrobats, discovering the secrets of being a virtuoso.
02:00 Next at the Kennedy Center
Renowned jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman takes the stage at the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater for a mesmerizing performance of his Blue Note Records debut album, "where are we." Joining forces with soulful vocalist Gabrielle Cavassa.
03:00 Serie: Nina
Nina is torn from her sleep on a day off by a phone call from her father's housekeeper: he felt unwell and was rushed to Madeleine Bres hospital.
04:00 Serie: Nina
Nina becomes attached to Louise, a young obese patient whom Proust casually treats, convinced that all her problems are due to her weight problems.
05:00 This Old House
Helical piers are installed, pipes are protected from cold weather, and mechanical layout begins.
05:30 Ask This Old House
Jenn and Nathan review Tulsa's stormwater management and install a rain barrel; Mark helps a homeowner divert water from her pooling patio; the team shares new additions to their tool bags.
06:00 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Mister Rogers and Mr. McFeely visit a recycling center in an episode about the environment. Also: the garbage crisis continues in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe; and Mister Rogers explains the benefits of caring for others.
06:30 Arthur
In the Season 15 opener, Arthur races home from school to find a report; George appears on the radio show "15 Minutes of Fame"; and Kate and Pal battle the Red Claw, which wants to eliminate all imaginary friends so kids will play with cats.
07:00 Molly of Denali
A family of beavers builds a dam and accidentally diverts water into Trini's garden, so the kids must devise a way to redirect the stream before Trini's strawberries are ruined. It's Trini's first camping trip and she's determined to earn her first badge: the Night Watchers Badge.
07:30 Serie: Alma's Way
Mr. Ramirez lets too many cats into his shoe shop./ Alma wants Howard to play stickball.
08:00 Lyla in the Loop
Luke switches places with Stu; The Loops kids throw a surprise party for their parents.
08:30 Wild Kratts
Martin sees a hammerhead shark that taught him how to hunt.
09:00 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel learns how bird nests are built; and goes on a nature walk in the forest with O the Owl and Uncle X.
09:30 Rosie's Rules
Rosie and friends pretend to be pirates; Rosie has a long-distance breakfast with Jun.
10:00 Sesame Street
Julia and Samuel are helping Elmo learn to ride a pony at a horse farm. Before riding the pony, Elmo learns how to greet, feed, and brush the pony. When it's time to ride, Elmo feels nervous. What if he practices belly breathing? Let's try!
10:30 Work It out Wombats!
The Wombats help to free the Moo Moo Choo Choo train, which got itself stuck in a sea of mud; First spied through a telescope, three adventurous Wombats attempt to find mystical Bellyflop Lake - without getting lost.
11:00 Donkey Hodie
Donkey Hodie and his friends help Purple Panda enjoy his first Halloween in Someplace Else.
11:30 Pinkalicious & Peterrific
Pinkalicious and her family run Mr. Swizzle's ice cream shop while he fixes his blender; and Pinkalicious uses Mommy's new invention, the Perfume-a-matic, to make perfume for Show-and-Tell.
12:00 Curious George
On a fossil quest through a gorge, George accidentally ends up drifting downriver on a ferry raft with Hundley; Betsy has been invited to read a story for a radio show. Steve and George suggest enhancing her reading with "sound effects."

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12:30 Cyberchase
When a seemingly harmless act turns into a tsunami of trouble in Perfectamundo, the kids use the power of multiplication to find a solution.
13:00 This Old House
13:30 This Old House
Helical piers are installed, pipes are protected from cold weather, and mechanical layout begins.
14:00 Ask This Old House
Jenn and Nathan review Tulsa's stormwater management and install a rain barrel; Mark helps a homeowner divert water from her pooling patio; the team shares new additions to their tool bags.
14:30 Ask This Old House
Richard praises the marvel of modern plumbing, then retrofits a radiant floor system; Nathan explains cable railing connections and maintenance; Jenn shares the updated USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map.
15:00 MotorWeek
The winds of change are picking up in the full-size pickup segment, as the 2025 Ram 1500 rolls onto the scene with a new Hurricane-based powertrain.
15:30 A Chef's Life
The restaurant prepares for a practice service to test the new equipment and new menu, but nothing goes as planned. Among the changes to the menu: a section called "Pimp My Grits," where the quintessential Southern ingredient is offered in four ways.
16:00 Celebrity Antiques Road Trip
17:00 Amanpour and Company
18:00 PBS News Weekend
18:30 Firing Line With Margaret Hoover
19:00 Antiques Roadshow
Ravishing finds at the North Carolina Museum of Art, including 1921 & 1923 Miss America Pageant trophies, a 1962 Amazing Fantasy #15 introducing Spider-Man and 1910-1911 T3 Turkey Red baseball cards.
20:00 Serie: POV
Three communities intersect, sharing histories of forced removal - Japanese Americans who were incarcerated at the Manzanar WWII concentration camp, Native Americans who were forced from these lands, and ranchers turned environmentalists.
21:00 Cine: Rising Against Asian Hate: One Day in March (2022)
Explore the fight against Asian American hate following the March 2021 mass shootings at three spas in Atlanta. Examine how this critical moment of racial reckoning sheds light on the struggles, triumphs ... Leer más
22:00 Serie: Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores the remarkable roots of singers Alanis Morissette and Ciara, using DNA analysis and genealogical detective work to travel back centuries, revealing his guest's hidden connections to history—and to music.
23:00 Austin City Limits
Relish the distinctive sounds of St. Vincent and Joy Oladokun. The Grammy-winning St. Vincent plays songs from her much-praised LP Daddy's Home. Versatile singer/tunesmith Oladokun performs tunes from her album In Defense of My Own Happiness.