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00:15 Cine: The Great Santini (1979)
A great, but immature marine pilot builds character in his family by ordering them around like a commander, putting them through drills and hounding his sensitive eldest son. Based on actual events.
02:30 Cine: Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw (1976)
Bobby Jo es una atractiva joven que se gana la vida como camarera pero cuyo gran sueño es convertirse algún día en una importante cantante de música country. Él es un buscavidas que sueña con convertirse ... Leer más
04:00 Cine: Stunts (1977)
Después de que un doble de riesgo muere mientras la realización de una película, su hermano toma su lugar para averiguar lo que realmente sucedió.

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06:00 Cine: East Side, West Side (1949)
Soap opera examines love and infidelity among New York City's upper crust, where a charming society woman discovers her serial philanderer of a husband is fooling around yet again, this time with a model. ... Leer más
08:00 Dot and the Line
The Academy Award-winning animated short about a line that falls in love with a dot. Based on the book by Norton Juster. Narrator: Robert Morley.
08:11 Cine: So Your Wife Wants to Work
A housewife decides to look for a paying job, but her husband doesn't think it's a good idea.
08:20 Cine: Suva 'Pride of Fiji'
A tour of the Fiji Islands.
08:29 Cine: Fugitive in the Sky
A G-man, a reporter and a criminal are among the passengers on a transcontinental plane. Warren Hull, Jean Muir, Gordon Oliver, Wini Shaw, Carlyle Moore Jr., John Litel, Gordon Elliott. Minor, but fast-moving. Directed by Nick Grinde.
09:30 Cine: The New Adventures of Tarzan (1935)
The jungle warrior Tarzan searches for his missing friend, while helping an officer search for a hidden treasure which becomes dangerous in the wrong hands.
10:00 Cine: Spinach Packin' Popeye
10:08 Cine: Desperate Search (1952)
Suspenseful hunt for two children lost in the wilderness after a plane crash. Howard Keel, Jane Greer. Nora: Patricia Medina. Brandy: Keenan Wynn. Wayne: Robert Burton. Don: Lee Aaker. Janet: Linda Lowell. ... Leer más
11:30 The Mild West
Musical short set in the Wild West follows the romantic entanglements of a gambler (Paul Keast), his saloon-singer wife (Janet Reade) and the seductress (Olive Borden) who is also a rival for his affections. Directed by Joseph Henabery.
12:00 Cine: Black Legion (1937)
Frank Taylor, obrero de una fábrica, cae presa de la desesperación al perder un puesto de capataz que conceden a un extranjero. Tras oír hablar de la Black Legion proamericana, una organización secreta ... Leer más
13:30 Cine: The Best Man (1964)
A principled politician comes into possession of an unscrupulous rival's dark secret and must decide if he will smear the man in order to gain his party's nomination for the Presidency.
15:30 Cine: Take the High Ground
A Korean War vet turned drill instructor struggles with the trauma of his experiences in battle.
17:30 Cine: Red River (1948)
Tom Dunson construye un imperio ganadero junto a su hijo adoptivo Matthew Garth. Juntos inician un transporte masivo de reses desde el norte de Texas hasta el ferrocarril de Missouri. Pero durante el ... Leer más
20:00 Cine: Out of the Past (1998)
A private eye tries to escape a sordid past by becoming the proprietor of a gas station in a mountain village, but his previous unscrupulous dealings return to haunt him when a former client he betrayed ... Leer más
22:00 Cine: The Night of the Hunter (1955)
Ben Harper ha cometido un crimen por causa de 10.000 dólares y les ha hecho prometer a sus dos hijos que no dirán a nadie dónde está escondido el botín. Ben tendrá como compañero de celda a un ... Leer más