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01:00 Cine: Teen Wolf (1985)
¿Qué tiene que hacer un chaval en el instituto para hacerse popular entre los compañeros? Convertirse en hombre lobo. Comedia sobre un tímido adolescente que al entrar en la pubertad descubre que ... Leer más
03:00 Cine: Wayne's World (1992)
Dos amigos más holgazanes intentan promover su programa de cable de acceso público.
05:00 Serie: ER
Sam and Luka head west in a search for her runaway son, a preteen diabetic. Back in the ER, tensions build among MDs, nurses and new interns over patients with complications. Morris: Scott Grimes. Haleh: Yvette Freeman.
06:00 Serie: ER
Danny Glover reappears as Pratt's dad in a bittersweet encounter. Also, a difficult baby delivery preoccupies Ray; and a preteen's neurological distress busies Abby. Claire: Erin Cottrell. Dr. Clemons: Damali Scott. Toni: Suzanne Cryer. Rod: Eric Lange.
07:00 Serie: ER
A forceful nurse manager (Kristen Johnston) intrudes upon the disruptive Kovac-Sam split and several ER cases, including an intoxicated minor. Also, a female cancer patient preoccupies Abby.
08:00 Serie: ER
In the wake of heavy rains, the ER is flooded with diverse patients, including a baby injured in a suspicious car crash with her mom (Megan Ward); a heart-attack victim visited by his sex therapist; and a comatose nursing-home resident. Brad: David DeLuise.
08:55 Serie: ER
Dr. Victor Clemente (John Leguizamo), a zealous and peppery attending physician out to make the ER more efficient, arrives. His first order of business: energizing the staff. Elsewhere, Kovac bonds with a revived comatose patient; Pratt rebukes his regretful father (Danny Glover). Blaire: Stana Katic.
10:00 Serie: ER
An ill chimp busies Clemente, who enlists help from staffers; a termination embroils Sam; a rift with Chaz provokes Pratt; the diagnosis of a sexual disease has an impact on Ray. Charlie: Danny Glover. Eve: Kristen Johnston. Olivia: China Jesusita Shavers.
11:00 Serie: ER
Gunshot wounds occupy the ER following a street battle between cops and a kidnapper trapped with his hostage: a 10-year-old girl gravely injured in the fray. Her treatment sparks a dispute pitting Clemente against Kovac. John Stamos guest stars as a paramedic.
12:00 Serie: ER
While on a routine paramedic run with Gates (John Stamos), Neela rushes to a burning building, the site of a plane crash where dozens of people are trapped. Meanwhile, Abby doesn't know what to make of the surprising twist in her love life; and Pratt encounters a patient who has lost his will to live. Alice: Serena Williams. Eve: Kristen Johnston. Clemente: John Leguizamo.
13:00 Cine: Big (2021)
Matilde vive en la playa con su abuelo. Para ganar algo de dinero, recorre la arena con su detector de metales con la esperanza de encontrar algo de valor. En una fría mañana de invierno, Matilde descubre ... Leer más
15:30 Cine: Teen Wolf (1985)
¿Qué tiene que hacer un chaval en el instituto para hacerse popular entre los compañeros? Convertirse en hombre lobo. Comedia sobre un tímido adolescente que al entrar en la pubertad descubre que ... Leer más
17:30 Cine: Varsity Blues (1999)
Se elige un mariscal de campo suplente para llevar a un equipo de fútbol americano a la victoria después de que el mariscal de campo estrella se lesiona.
20:00 Serie: NCIS: New Orleans
A Navy therapist with a high level of security clearance is murdered. Pride and the team discover that she was working around the system to get justice for victims of sexual assault. Also, Carter's mother confronts him when he refuses to talk to the FBI for a background check on her behalf, and Sebastian starts to form a bond with a key witness who was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.
21:00 Serie: NCIS: New Orleans
Pride and the team continue the investigation into an Officer's assault and murder of her therapist, while NCIS zeroes in on a prime suspect who's been working the system for years. Meanwhile, Carter and his mother talk about how they'll move forward after a past mistake, and Sebastian begins a promising new relationship.
22:00 Serie: NCIS: New Orleans
Pride and the team are on the hunt for a kidnapped 14-year-old and discover that her father, who will soon have custody of her, is a radical survivalist living off the grid.

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23:00 Serie: NCIS: New Orleans
When a Petty Officer is shot down by a sniper, Pride and NCIS hunt down the killer, only to find that he may not be acting alone. Also, Rita tells Pride that she has been offered a compelling job in Kansas City.