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00:00 Serie: Below Deck
Captain Lee returns to the Caribbean aboard M/Y My Seanna with a brand-new crew and one familiar face, Eddie Lucas, but a critical injury sends Lee to the hospital and puts the fate of the charter season in question.
01:00 Serie: Below Deck
The sudden departure of one of his teammates leaves Shane struggling to adapt to the unforeseen responsibilities on deck. Coming off her clash with Francesca, Izzy begins to question if the interior satisfies her dream of being at sea. While dealing with demanding guests, Rachel lets her emotions get the best of her, and Francesca loses her composure in front of Captain Lee. Meanwhile, James gets caught in the middle of an explosive guest argument.
02:00 Serie: Below Deck
Ready to let loose in the Caribbean, James instead finds himself disappointed on the first night out. Heads turn as My Seanna welcomes a new crew member, and Izzy makes a surprising decision, much to the chagrin of James. Francesca comes to grips with the ramifications of her emotional outburst. A charter group of thirsty 20-year-olds arrives, and Shane's mistakes push Eddie's patience to the edge.
03:00 Serie: Below Deck
Eddie starts to feel the pressure. James struggles to connect with his crew mates. Captain Lee is forced to level with the crew after a series of dangerous mishaps. Shane's repeated follies push Eddie over the edge.
04:00 Serie: Below Deck
Shane tries to get back to good grace after sleeping on the job; Ashling does well with her tasks; Elizabeth gets judged by Francesca; Rachel is excited for the new guest.
05:00 Serie: Below Deck
A blunder with the caviar ruins an important birthday dinner; Rachel is caught in a drama; Francesca gets more frustrated with Elizabeth; Shane's career is threatened.
06:00 Serie: Below Deck
The team needs to deal with the aftermath of Captain Lee and Shane's conversation; Rachel is having a hard time with her long-distance relatinship; James and Elizabeth's attraction comes out.
07:00 Serie: Below Deck
The crew gets a new addition as everyone adjusts to Rachel's decision; Everyone encourage Elizabeth; Captain Lee steps in to help Eddie out.
08:00 Serie: Below Deck
As the fallout from her impulsive decision lingers, Rachel attempts to regain Captain Lee's trust, but her antics annoy Eddie. Meanwhile, a demotion within the interior department sparks controversy, and Francesca feels lonely. Bonds on board grow stronger than ever as a romance heats up between Elizabeth and James while Izzy opens up about her painful past.
09:00 Serie: Below Deck
While Elizabeth struggles to keep her budding relationship under wraps, James finds himself at the center of the rumor mill.As the crew welcomes a group of experienced boat people, Izzy starts to feel under the weather. Ultimately, when a drunk charter guest crosses the line and defies Captain Lee, he is forced to lay down the law.
10:00 Serie: Below Deck
Izzy must play musical bunks, leaving Francesca and Eddie to address professionalism on deck with Elizabeth and James. Meanwhile, Izzy's condition worsens, and she's put into quarantine. After a challenging charter, Captain Lee grants the crew a relaxing day off at a resort, only for them to be mortified by Rachel's erratic actions.
11:00 Serie: Below Deck
Rachel's antics continue to torment the crew, and Elizabeth finds herself in the doghouse.Sharing his soft and vulnerable side, Captain Lee opens up to Francesca about a personal tragedy. As Izzy's health continues to be a struggle, Eddie sends her off for medical care, but more crew members fall ill, and Francesca worries if they'll make it through the next charter.
12:00 Serie: Below Deck
James plays games at Elizabeth's expense, and Eddie presents Izzy with an interesting opportunity. The team rallies together for a beach cleanup, but warm and fuzzy feelings quickly diminish when Francesca finds out that subordinates slept in a guest cabin without permission.
13:00 Serie: Below Deck
Pushed to the brink, Francesca loses all trust in Elizabeth while Captain Lee shares an unfortunate bond with the charter guests. Rachel continues to grow frustrated with the interior over miscommunication, and Elizabeth's high expectations for her 30th birthday fall short. Ashling decides to lie to the primary's son, and the crew grows fearful of COVID-19 as it ramps up back home.
14:00 Serie: Below Deck
Ashling suffers the consequences of her white lie while Izzy's promotion creates waves on deck and Rob makes his feelings abundantly clear. A condiment mishap fuels the contention between Francesca and Rachel as Elizabeth spends the charter focusing on James instead of her job.
15:00 Serie: Below Deck
Forced to reckon with their friction, Francesca finally comes to a decision regarding Elizabeth's future on deck. Meanwhile, Rachel's feelings toward the interior take a toll on the crew. As Izzy and Rob's relationship takes a dark turn, James makes a shocking betrayal. Ultimately, unforeseen world events completely alter the course of M/Y MySeanna's charter season, leaving everyone uncertain of their future.
16:00 Serie: Below Deck Mediterranean
Charter guests arrive on the luxury vessel the Ionian Princess and chef Ben Robinson serves up a traditional Greek meal in the series premiere of this reality spin-off from "Below Deck," about yacht crew members making waves in the Mediterranean.
17:00 Serie: Below Deck Mediterranean
The gang fumble in their bid to stream a football game in the middle of the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, Ben redeems himself in the wake of mishaps; Bobby crushes on Julia; a homesick Jen feels she's being underutilized; and Hannah confronts Tiffany.
18:00 Serie: Below Deck Mediterranean
Hannah puts her foot down when Bobby and Danny bring ladies back to the yacht. Meanwhile, a group of women charter the yacht for a calendar shoot as the crew members struggle to meet their demands, and Danny makes waves by breaking a big yachtie rule.
19:00 Serie: Below Deck Mediterranean
Danny offers a love poem to a charter guest, disobeying a direct order from Capt. Mark in the process. Also, Bobby's feelings for Julia grow stronger; Tiffany works on her skills; and Ben is torn between two stews, only to make a shocking discovery.
20:00 Serie: Below Deck Mediterranean
A country hoedown, complete with bales of hay, is organized by the stews. Meanwhile, tensions rise when Danny accuses Bobby of not being part of the team; charter guests seemingly have a threesome in the jacuzzi; Danny once again oversteps boundaries.
21:00 Serie: Below Deck Mediterranean
A dating anniversary is celebrated by charter guests and the crew must provide a romantic trip. Also, Bobby sharpens focus on Julia; Tiffany and Bryan make waves in the hot tub; and the crew springs into action to help save a sinking nearby vessel.
22:00 Serie: Below Deck Mediterranean
A betrayal unfolds when Ben goes to the captain about galley miscommunication. In addition, Danny receives a lesson about deckie etiquette, Julia reminds Bobby she's in a committed relationship, and an all-male bachelor charter group arrives.
23:00 Serie: Below Deck Mediterranean
Bachelor charter guests return with a large group of women. Also, the bachelors anoint Danny as charter MVP; Hannah argues with Ben but is drawn to him; and Danny breaks yet another yachtie code.

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