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00:00 Serie: River Monsters: Deadliest Man-eaters
02:00 Serie: River Monsters
Jeremy goes to Botswana to explore the Okavango Delta and observe the hunting habits of tiger fish 40 feet underwater.
03:00 Serie: River Monsters
Jeremy travels to Bolivia to investigate a report of a man whose face was severely injured by a freshwater creature.
04:00 Serie: Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet
Dr. Jeff attends a shelter to help the pets of disadvantaged owners. Max the dog needs treatment for a growth on his head at the clinic.
05:00 Serie: Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet
When a puppy is kicked in the head by a donkey, Dr. Jeff is her only hope. Later, Jeff goes fishing for a hook stuck in a hungry beagle's throat, and Dr. Amy helps a cat unable to walk. Dr. Nichols gets caught up in a wrestling match with an alpaca.
06:00 Serie: The Secret Life of the Zoo
Rare silvery gibbons Alven and Tilu are expecting a new addition. But when the new baby arrives, it's up to Dad to keep their older son, a reckless teenager, in check.
07:00 Serie: The Secret Life of the Zoo
A look at the underwater world of Chester Zoo.
08:00 Serie: The Secret Life Of The Zoo
An intruder is eyeing Almond and Walnut's turf after they went house hunting.
09:00 Serie: Secret Life of the Zoo
Matriarch giraffe Dagmar is ready to give birth after a 15-month pregnancy. An orangutan family who was spared when fire ripped through their habitat, attempts to resume normal life, while zookeepers try to wrangle a rogue macaw who flew the coop.
10:00 Serie: The Secret Life Of The Zoo
Zookeepers send an SOS to the vet when members of their large otter family develop bald patches. Then, a pair of young flamingos may have their bromance split-up by an injury, and elephant Anjan mourns the loss of his siblings.
11:00 Serie: The Secret Life Of The Zoo
Dagmar helps prepare Orla for an overdue birth. Wendy struggles to incubate her eggs.
12:00 Serie: The Zoo
13:00 Serie: The Zoo
The zoo anxiously awaits the arrival of a snow leopard called K2's fourth cub. Meanwhile, the staff is pleased when a pair of Andean condors embrace their new enclosure, while a squirmy binturong fights his annual vaccination.
14:00 Serie: The Zoo
Two sickly newborn fawns form an unbreakable bond while they are hand-reared by staff. Leopard Khazo gets a surprise that enhances her life, and tensions run high as the reptile staff attempts to collect blood from Cuban crocs.
15:00 Serie: The Zoo
Max the camel faces new challenges as he ages. The zoo prepares to give an injured turkey vulture a permanent home, but after healing, there may be a change of plan. Willow the red panda gives birth to two baby cubs.
16:00 Serie: The Zoo
Vets treat a young markhor's infected hoof. The TAB staff rescues a wallaby living in an apartment in Manhattan.
17:00 Serie: The Zoo
After more than 100 venomous snakes are taken from a private home, it's up to the zoo to care for them. Two Pronghorn fawns make their debut, but problems arise that have keepers concerned, while a device is built for a Red River hog needing a challenge.
18:00 Serie: The Zoo
A trio of rare Dhole canines are prepared to make their cross-country journey to the zoo, and keepers anxiously await their arrival. A tinamou chick must be hand-reared, while a specialized tool is welded to extract a tusk from a charming Babirusa.
19:00 Serie: The Zoo: San Diego
The staff develop an innovative course of treatment when a cheetah has an injury. Plus, the zoo hosts the only pair of platypuses outside Australia.

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20:00 Serie: The Zoo: San Diego
The Rhino Rescue Center welcomes Arthur, the southern white rhino calf. Meanwhile, a young nyala must be hand-raised before returning to its herd.
21:00 Serie: Pop My Pet
At Gatorland, Dr. Jackie operates on Predator the alligator. Later, Dr. Grant diagnoses a pup's melon-sized growth, and Dr. Cody pops an oozing cyst on Archie the cow.
22:00 Serie: Beast Buddies
A man spends his days cuddling his pack of lions and tigers; a woman monkeys around with six rescue primates; and a trainer shares a special bond with her beloved five elephants.
22:30 Serie: Beast Buddies
A handler and his pack of lions and tigers reveal a risky trick; a couple cares for a bunch of mega-sized bears; and a family man spends quality time with his not-so-pint-sized python.
23:00 Serie: The Zoo: San Diego
A pair of rescued mountain lion cubs prepare for their habitat.