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00:00 Seinfeld
At Jerry's place: a baby shower, an illegal cable hookup and George coping with "the worst date (Christine Dunford) of my life." Tabachnick: Vic Polizos. Kramer: Michael Richards. Assistant: James Lashly.
00:30 Conan
01:00 Seinfeld
Jerry's new jacket impresses everyone except Elaine's father (Lawrence Tierney), an author cut from Hemingway cloth and not suited to pampering anyone. Salesman: Frantz Turner. Elaine: Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
01:30 Seinfeld
In a restaurant, George needs the phone he can't have, Jerry needs the name he can't recall and Elaine needs food. Host: James Hong. Lorraine: Judy Kain. Cohen: David Tress. Elaine: Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
02:00 Seinfeld
George musters the courage to call a woman (Tory Polone), then is flustered when he gets her machine and leaves an "idiotic message" he'd do anything to erase. Donna: Gretchen German. Elaine: Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
02:30 Seinfeld
Jerry gets Elaine the apartment right above him; George tests the "man with a wedding band" theory of meeting women. George: Jason Alexander. Elaine: Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Roxanne: Jeanine Jackson.
03:00 Seinfeld
Jerry pays a high price for being stranded at a party by George (Jason Alexander), who pays the price for romance in the workplace but forgets to pay for something else. Steve: Michael Chiklis. Ava: Teri Austin.
03:30 2 Broke Girls
A popular TV show shoots a scene at the diner, and the director offers Caroline a role. Unfortunately, it comes with strings attached.
04:00 2 Broke Girls
Caroline is asked by her father to go on a talk show to defend him when a former disgruntled employee threatens to defame him in a tell-all book.
04:30 2 Broke Girls
The second season ends with Max and Caroline offering to deep-clean a previously hidden part of the diner and discovering something that could revive their cupcake business.
05:00 Family Matters
Laura considers buying a gun after a harrowing experience at school with a gang of thugs. Josie: Trina McGee Davis. Toni: Tracey Jones. Bobby: Ryan Bollman. Harold: Raushan Hammond. Tough Girls: Sonya Haynes, Kyndra Joy Casper. Tough Guy: Freddie Prinze Jr. Maxine: Cherie Johnson.
05:30 Family Matters
Urkel and Carl risk their lives to save the distraught Mr. Looney (Tom Poston) on his wedding day; Carl and Harriette are more protective of Laura than of Eddie. Sharon: Sondra Currie. Stan: Carl Strano. Beth: Channing Chase.
06:00 Family Matters
An experiment gone awry turns Urkel into a gyrating Elvis during a meeting with an M.I.T. recruiter. Elsewhere, a young couple (Heather Morgan, Spencer Garrett) get a distorted view of married life from Carl and Harriette. Pastor Fuller: Johnny Brown. Urkel: Jaleel White.
06:30 Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray and Robert put together a video testimonial to Frank (Peter Boyle) when he is named "Man of the Year" by his men's lodge. Marie: Doris Roberts. Stan: Victor Raider-Wexler. Garvin: Len Lesser.
07:00 Everybody Loves Raymond
Frank (Peter Boyle) gets injured on the day of his and Marie's departure for a weekend cruise, so Ray accompanies her. Ted: Hiram Kasten. Walter: Jack Betts. Thelma: Bobbie Norman.
07:30 Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray and Robert scare up a plan to get even with Frank (Peter Boyle) for frightening them with disturbing bedtime stories when they were kids. Robert: Brad Garrett, Doug: Kevin James, Andy: Andy Kindler, Gianni: Jon Manfrellotti, Aileen: Leslie Windram, Marie: Doris Roberts, Debra: Patricia Heaton, Raymond: Ray Romano.

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08:00 George Lopez
At her trial, Benny must rely on George's testimony since her lawyer (Adam West) and even her mother (Rita Moreno) have all turned on her. Judge Alvarez: Marilyn Milian.
08:30 George Lopez
George hallucinates that he and Ernie are gay and about to be married after downing a worm along with his drink at Thirsty's Bar, where he has gone to drown his sorrows after a humiliating day at work. Making matters worse, he and Angie are fighting because of his reluctance to open up about his problems.
09:00 George Lopez
George seeks help from a popular reality-TV show in order to expose Vic's cheating, gold-digging fianc茅e (Stacy Keibler).
09:30 George Lopez
When Angie becomes concerned about losing her looks, George asks his gorgeous niece Veronica to tone down her sex appeal.
10:00 Friends
Phoebe's quest to find her father leads the gang to a beach house---and leads Phoebe to a fateful meeting with an old family friend (Teri Garr); Rachel persuades Bonnie (Christine Taylor) to make a change. Phoebe: Lisa Kudrow. Rachel: Jennifer Aniston.
10:30 Friends
At the beach house, Ross and Rachel appear on the threshold of a new era; Phoebe gets to know her birth mother (Teri Garr); Monica is stung by a jellyfish. Phoebe: Lisa Kudrow. Ross: David Schwimmer. Rachel: Jennifer Aniston.
11:00 Friends
Phoebe thinks her mother's spirit resides in a cat; Monica dates a former high-school hunk; Joey tries to sell the entertainment center. Chip: Dan Gauthier. Phoebe: Lisa Kudrow. Monica: Courteney Cox. Tony: Matthew Kaminsky. Joey: Matt LeBlanc.
11:30 Friends
Chandler's torrid fling with Rachel's boss (Alison LaPlaca) puts him in a compromising position; Monica caters her mom's party. Salesman: Penn Jillette. Judy: Christina Pickles. Chandler: Matthew Perry. Rachel: Jennifer Aniston. Monica: Courteney Cox.
12:00 Friends
Joey' s roped into being the superintendent's practice dance partner; Phoebe gets fired. Mr. Treeger: Michael G. Hagerty. Rick: Jason Brooks. Joey: Matt LeBlanc. Phoebe: Lisa Kudrow. Chandler: Matthew Perry.
12:30 Friends
Chandler falls for Joey's new girlfriend (Paget Brewster); Phoebe likes the effect of a cold on her singing voice. Chandler: Matthew Perry. Joey: Matt LeBlanc. Phoebe: Lisa Kudrow. Josh: Brian 鈥淔ish鈥 Smith.
13:00 Friends
Phoebe helps Monica cater a funeral; Chandler buys Kathy a special birthday gift; Ross's beautiful date has a very messy place. Cheryl: Rebecca Romijn. Kathy: Paget Brewster. Chandler: Matthew Perry. Monica: Courteney Cox.
13:30 Friends
Chandler keeps Kathy (Paget Brewster) company while Joey's out with another girl---and one thing leads to another. Ross: David Schwimmer. Joey: Matt LeBlanc. Rachel: Jennifer Aniston.
14:00 Friends
On Thanksgiving, Chandler begs for Joey's forgiveness about Kathy (Paget Brewster); Monica has eyes for Richard's son. Tim: Michael Vartan. Joey: Matt LeBlanc. Monica: Courteney Cox.
14:30 Friends
Rachel is promised a promotion; a restaurateur confronts Monica after she writes a scathing review; Chandler and Ross prepare to party with a world-class carouser. Dominick: Taylor Negron. Joanna: Alison LaPlaca.
15:00 Friends
Monica hires Joey so she can fire him to show who's the boss at the restaurant; Ross goes extra miles to date a gal from Poughkeepsie; Chandler plays matchmaker for Rachel. Monica: Courteney Cox. Ross: David Schwimmer.
15:30 Friends
In lieu of a gift, newlyweds Frank Jr. and Alice (Giovanni Ribisi, Debra Jo Rupp) ask Phoebe to be a surrogate mother for their child; Ross breaks an unwritten rule at the museum. Phoebe: Lisa Kudrow. Phoebe Sr.: Teri Garr. Ross: David Schwimmer.
16:00 American Dad!
To meet girls, Steve signs up for the high-school water-polo team; and Roger and Stan invest in a boat.
16:30 American Dad!
A mental issue has Hayley regressing to a 6-year-old; and Steve gets a slow cooker.
17:00 American Dad!
Steve attends work with Stan and is introduced to the National Security Agency; and Hayley bags being a vegetarian and eats meat for a day.
17:30 American Dad!
Stan goes undercover as a surfer. Meanwhile, Steve strikes up a friendship with a drifter; Hayley might be pregnant; and Roger is determined to bring the World Cup to his backyard.
18:00 Family Guy
Tired of being overweight, Chris (voice of Seth Green) decides to diet and exercise. That doesn't work, but there's always liposuction and plastic surgery---if not for Chris, then for another Griffin man (Peter---the one with the fat head). Other voices include Danny Smith (Dr. Ling, James Caan, Keenan, Lyle Lovett, Phineas, Salesman and Quentin Tarantino); and Mike Henry (Broderick, Cleveland, Cop, Eskimo Man, Performance Artist and Roman).
18:30 Family Guy
Luke Perry (who provides his own voice) is the subject of Meg's journalistic excess. Actually, it's Peter's: he writes an article 鈥渙uting鈥 Perry (with no evidence whatsoever), puts Meg's name on it and submits it to her school newspaper. Adam West provides the voice of Quahog mayor Adam West. Other voices include Mila Kunis (Meg) and series creator Seth MacFarlane (Peter, Brian, Stewie and Thomas Jefferson).
19:00 The Big Bang Theory
Howard is jealous when Bernadette runs into her old boyfriend at a science event they're attending.
19:30 The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon wants acting lessons from Penny, hoping they will make him a better teacher.
20:00 The Big Bang Theory
Leonard has a moral crisis when he meets a wealthy widow who is willing to help the university.
20:30 The Big Bang Theory
Howard contemplates a serious decision in his relationship with Bernadette; and Leonard and Raj's sister start seeing each other again.
21:00 The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon is in crisis when he realizes he's not the epicenter of the group, so, he decides to find new friends.
21:30 The Big Bang Theory
Leonard has a tough choice to make when Priya asks him to stop spending time with Penny, forcing him to choose between the two women; and Howard keeps pestering Sheldon with a magic trick.
22:00 The Big Bang Theory
The guys become sleuths to find out who hacked Sheldon's online-game account.
22:30 The Misery Index
Joe and Jameela have a major costume clash, there's an ex living in your attic, and a little boy overhears his parents having sex, and then impersonates them. All that plus Q's arachnophobia is pushed to the limit.
23:00 Conan
23:30 The Misery Index
Joe and Jameela have a major costume clash, there's an ex living in your attic, and a little boy overhears his parents having sex, and then impersonates them. All that plus Q's arachnophobia is pushed to the limit.