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00:00 Serie: Law & Order
The detectives investigate the death of an investigator whose body was fished out of a river. Alec Conroy: Nestor Serrano. Stan Gillum: Gerry Bamman. Alice Marner: Alexandra Neil. Judge Goldberg: Fran Lebowitz. Judge Callahan: Bernie McInerney. Green: Jesse L. Martin. Briscoe: Jerry Orbach. McCoy: Sam Waterston.
01:00 Serie: Law & Order
The discovery of a murdered couple leads to a drug-smuggling case involving a military officer's wife (Charlotte d'Amboise). Col. Wyatt: Michael Gaston. Joe Pena: Louie Leonardo. Boles: Ruben Santiago-Hudson. Pat Conners: Michael Hobbs. Byrne: Thomas Lyons. Briscoe: Jerry Orbach. Green: Jesse L. Martin. McCoy: Sam Waterston.
02:00 Serie: Perry Mason
Mason threads through a long list of suspects as he tries to clear a young man charged with killing his girlfriend's estranged husband. David: Karl Held. Mason: Raymond Burr. Gideon: Otto Kruger. Dorine: Patricia Barry. Sue: Frances Rafferty. Drake: William Hopper.
03:00 Serie: Perry Mason
A startling courtroom confession collides with Mason's defense of an airplane designer accused of murdering an alleged saboteur. Lola: Lisa Gaye. Bronson: Charles Bateman. Ryder: Guy Mitchell. Mason: Raymond Burr.
04:00 Serie: Perry Mason
On trial: a publisher charged with murder. Mason: Raymond Burr. Stuart: Denver Pyle. Davies: Linden Chiles. Grace: Irene Hervey. Ralph: Jan Merlin. Seward: Parley Baer. Miriam: Bek Nelson. Della: Barbara Hale.
05:00 Serie: Perry Mason
Arson, infidelity, embezzlement and murder enter into this story of a businessman's struggle to expose his double-dealing partner. Fallon: Wesley Lau. Wells: Ben Cooper. Vivian: Leslie Parrish. Mason: Raymond Burr.
06:00 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Hillbilly Briscoe Darling (Denver Pyle) takes a shine to Aunt Bee and intends to make her his bride. But Bee teaches the mountaineer a lesson when she tries to civilize him. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier. Opie: Ronny Howard. Darling Brothers: Dillard Brothers.
06:30 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Gomer, who lived at Wally's gas station, moves in with the Taylors after Wally fires him for talking too much and working too little. Soon, Andy's driveway is filled with cars for Gomer to repair. Jase: Joe Hamilton. Wally: Trevor Bardette. Luther: Roy Engel. Gomer: Jim Nabors.
07:00 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Barney blabs about a top-secret shipment of gold coming through Mayberry, leading to a carnival-like reception for the Treasury truck. Treasury Agent: Rance Howard. Leon: Clint Howard. Asa: Charles P. Thompson. Hermit: Doodles Weaver. Peddler: Phil Arnold. Barney: Don Knotts. Gomer: Jim Nabors.
07:30 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Andy rewards Opie with a new bicycle when Opie brings home a straight-A report card---filled out in error by his teacher. Helen: Aneta Corsaut. Opie: Ronny Howard. Barney: Don Knotts. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier.
08:00 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Barney and Andy nudge Gomer into a blind date with Thelma Lou's homely cousin (Mary Grace Canfield) by telling him "she's nice, real nice." Thelma Lou: Betty Lynn. Barney: Don Knotts. Helen: Aneta Corsaut. Opie: Ronny Howard.
08:30 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Barney is booted out of Mrs. Mendlebright's boarding house for violating her rules against cooking and using high-wattage bulbs, so he moves into the courthouse. This episode contains the hilarious scene in which Andy finds Barney covered with lipstick kisses. Mrs. Mendlebright: Enid Markey. Thelma Lou: Betty Lynn. Opie: Ronny Howard. Fields: J. Pat O'Malley.
09:00 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Gomer makes a citizen's arrest on Barney when the deputy makes an illegal U-turn. Gomer: Jim Nabors. Barney: Don Knotts. Otis: Hal Smith. Opie: Ronny Howard.
09:30 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Opie and his pals play Robin Hood and steal from so-called rich Mayberry folks so they can feed a hobo (Douglas Fowley) who tells them that lawmen can't be trusted. Johnny: Richard Keith. Howie: Dennis Rush. Opie: Ronny Howard. Barney: Don Knotts. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier.
10:00 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
It's Barney to the rescue after a landslide traps Andy and Helen in a cave. What he doesn't know, however, is that the two have already escaped. Helen: Aneta Corsaut. Thelma Lou: Betty Lynn. Gomer: Jim Nabors.
10:30 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Opie's new best friend (David A. Bailey) becomes his foe when Andy starts giving the boy some attention, which leads Andy to teach his son a lesson in sharing. Barney: Don Knotts. Johnny: Richard Keith. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier.
11:00 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Aunt Bee and her friends stir up support for a small farmer (Charles Lane) who is being forced to sell his land to make way for a new road. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier. Barney: Don Knotts. Opie: Ronnie Howard. Otis: Hal Smith.
11:30 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Barney buys a World War I motorcycle with a sidecar for patrol work---and proceeds to put everyone at risk with his dangerous new toy. The episode contains one of the show's funniest moments: Barney speeding off, leaving Andy in the unattached sidecar. Mrs. Beggs: Virginia Sale. Carl: Rodney Bell. Jase: Joe Hamilton. Driver: Ray Kellogg. Brock: Hal Landon. Opie: Ronny Howard. Barney: Don Knotts.
12:00 Serie: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
A female astronaut is found murdered in her hotel room on the morning of a press conference. The investigation leads to several suspects, including a jealous professional rival, an ex-boyfriend and a married space-shuttle commander (Tate Donovan) with whom the victim was having an affair.
13:00 Serie: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
A former groupie who has her own television show is murdered, and the suspects include her assistant, her son, and a well-known musician and his wife. Joan Jett guest stars.
14:00 Serie: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Goren and Eames enter into the sleight-of-hand world of prestidigitation when a celebrity illusionist vanishes during his own magic stunt. Shaun Robinson and Paul Shaffer appear as themselves.
15:00 Serie: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
The investigation into a shooting at a nightclub involving an acquaintance of Logan's involves the shadowy world of amateur boxing.
16:00 Serie: NCIS
Following the attempted assassination of the Belgravian defense minister, the team is assigned to protect his daughter, who is studying in the U.S.; and Gibbs investigates the death of the marine who sacrificed his life to protect the defense minister.
17:00 Serie: NCIS
A marine is murdered and his teeth and fingertips are removed.
18:00 Serie: NCIS
A former NCIS investigative assistant is found stabbed to death, and her murder is linked to a plot to rob a warehouse full of valuable possessions; and a new agent (Sarah Jane Morris) joins the team.
19:00 Serie: NCIS
A teenage boy is accused of murdering his father, a retired marine, and Gibbs questions Vance's decision that Gibbs should cross-examine the young man.
20:00 Serie: NCIS
A navy commander's murder leads the team to a mysterious manuscript and a possible threat to classified military secrets.
21:00 Serie: NCIS
A seaman's murder leads to a serial killer operating in international ports, and Gibbs reluctantly must allow agent E.J. Barrett lead the investigation; and the team finally meets Ziva's boyfriend.
22:00 Serie: NCIS
A navy officer is murdered and the team searches for the killer, a petty officer caught in the crime on a Pentagon security camera.
23:00 Serie: NCIS
Tony's former partner is murdered by the Port-to-Port Killer, prompting Tony to recall his early days in Baltimore and the first time he met Gibbs.