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00:00 Law & Order
The fatal beating of a stockbroker spurs an epic clash between his family and the group responsible for his death in the 19th-season premiere.
01:00 Law & Order
A murder victim is found at a park, and the resulting investigation has detectives enlisting the help of a mentally-challenged man to crack the case.
02:00 Cine: Exiled: A Law & Order Movie
Chris Noth reprises his "Law & Order" role (1990-95) of Det. Mike Logan, who investigates the murder of a prostitute in hopes of being reassigned to Manhattan Homicide. Frankie: Dana Eskelson. Sloper: Dabney Coleman. Profaci: John Fiore. Cragen: Dann Florek.
04:00 The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Lou answers Mary's demands for more responsibility by giving her the task of firing the current sportscaster and finding his replacement. Dick Gautier, who plays Cavanaugh, played Hymie the Robot on 鈥淕et Smart鈥 and starred in the Mel Brooks spoof series 鈥淲hen Things Were Rotten.鈥 Andy Grissom: John Gabriel. Morton: Gordon Jump.
04:35 The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Ted is unnerved by an upcoming reunion with his father (Liam Dunn), who deserted the family when Ted was a baby. Ed. Weinberger and Stan Daniels, who penned this episode, later helped create the series 鈥淭axi.鈥 Georgette: Georgia Engel. Caldwell: John Holland.
05:10 The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Jerry Van Dyke returns as Wes, the bumbling comedy writer, who can't control his feelings for Mary after he lands a job in the newsroom. Van Dyke, the brother of Dick, later hit the jackpot with a costarring role on the hit sitcom 鈥淐oach.鈥 Lou: Edward Asner.
05:45 The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Newly separated, Lou decides to try dating again, but the blind date Mary arranges is definitely not what he had in mind. Martha: Florence Lake. Edie: Priscilla Morrill. Georgette: Georgia Engel. Mike: Jeff Thompson.
06:20 The Andy Griffith Show
Andy lets Otis pose as a deputy so Otis can impress his visiting brother (Stanley Adams), who believes he is in law enforcement. Otis: Hal Smith. Verlaine: Amzie Strickland. Mrs. Campbell: Dorothy Neumann. Barney: Don Knotts. Andy: Andy Griffith.
06:55 The Andy Griffith Show
Opie tries to convince Andy that his new friend, Mr. McBeevee---who walks in treetops, has 12 extra hands and blows smoke from his ears---is real. But Andy is determined to make Opie admit that he's imaginary. Mr. McBeevee: Karl Swenson. Dr. Goodwin: Earl Holmes. Opie: Ronny Howard. Barney: Don Knotts. Andy: Andy Griffith.
07:30 The Andy Griffith Show
Andy stops courting Peggy when he learns she comes from a wealthy background, fearing that he's too unsophisticated for her. Peggy: Joanna Moore. Thelma Lou: Betty Lynn. Opie: Ronny Howard. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier.
08:00 The Andy Griffith Show
Mayberry's new by-the-book mayor (Parley Baer) doesn't approve of Andy's easygoing sheriffin', so he keeps close watch on Andy's activities. Morgan: Roy Engel. Mrs. Ambrose: Janet Stewart. Mrs. Morgan: Helen Kleeb. Barney: Don Knotts. Opie: Ronny Howard. Andy: Andy Griffith.
08:30 The Andy Griffith Show
Peggy cooks and looks after Andy and Opie when Aunt Bee goes out of town, and Andy starts believing she has marriage in mind. Peggy: Joanna Moore. Opie: Ronny Howard. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier. Floyd: Howard McNear. Bus Driver: Ray Lanier.
09:00 The Andy Griffith Show
Cattle thefts leave Andy stumped, so Mayor Stoner (Parley Baer) summons a state investigator to take over the case. Luke Jensen: Malcolm Atterbury. Upchurch: Ralph Bell. Tate: Jon Lormer. Opie: Ronny Howard. Barney: Don Knotts.

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09:30 The Andy Griffith Show
After Peggy breaks a date with Andy, Barney sets himself and Andy up with some 鈥渇un girls鈥 (Joyce Jameson, Jean Carson) from Mount Pilot. This is the first appearance of the 鈥渇un girls鈥 and the last for Peggy (Joanna Moore). Josie: Lydia Crosswaithe. Don: Fred Beir. Al: Michael Ross. Thelma Lou: Betty Lynn. Barney: Don Knotts. Andy: Andy Griffith.
10:00 Perry Mason
A teenage amnesiac's struggle to establish her identity takes an abrupt turn when she's accused of murder. Doris: Gigi Perreau. Mason: Raymond Burr. Riker: Werner Klemperer. Burger: William Talman. Drake: William Hopper. Della: Barbara Hale.
11:00 Perry Mason
Mason is summoned when a fight for control of voting stock in a corporation flares into murder. Conway: H.M. Wynant. Rose: Pamela Duncan. Linda: Marie Windsor. Amelia: Jacqueline Scott. Drake: William Hopper. Burger: William Talman.
12:00 Perry Mason
Mason is repeatedly double-crossed as he tries to prepare a defense for a suspected murderer. Sanders: Fred Sherman. Inez: Karen Sharpe. Archer: Les Tremayne. Burger: William Talman. Della: Barbara Hale.
13:00 Law & Order
A young man's murder is linked to a woman who escaped from a polygamist cult. Jena Malone, Colm Meaney.
14:00 Law & Order
The probe of a fatal construction-crane collapse becomes an investigation into an attempted murder.
15:00 Law & Order
A tourist is murdered, and the case sends Bernard and Lupo to upstate New York for clues. Dianne Cary: Katee Sackhoff.
16:00 Law & Order
The investigation of a memoir author's murder leads Lupo and Bernard to a nightclub, a stalker and a possible cover-up. Kate Tenny: Vivica Fox.
17:00 Law & Order
A woman's body is discovered in a city garden, and the murder case exposes a possible conflict of interest for Cutter. Ned Beatty guest stars.
18:00 Law & Order
Cutter and Connie contend with an unscrupulous attorney (Dallas Roberts) after a plaintiff in the lawyer's class-action suit against an airline company is murdered. Mercedes Ruehl guest stars.
19:00 Law & Order
Married biologists find their son and housekeeper murdered in their home, prompting an investigation that has the wife revisiting her sorority days.
20:00 Law & Order
The investigation of a trucking-company owner's murder uncovers possible ties to the Russian mob and evidence of a secret love affair. Robert Iler, Michael Aranov, Adam Grupper.
21:00 Law & Order
A baby is killed during the bombing of an Army recruitment center, which steers detectives toward a group of war protesters.
22:00 Law & Order
A Web site operator's death leads Lupo and Bernard to investigate a Christian subculture. Elsewhere, McCoy's political rival uses the media to exploit the situation.
23:00 Law & Order
Lupo and Bernard uncover a kidnapping plot while probing the death of a banking CEO's mistress.