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00:00 Serie: NCIS
The search for the Port-to-Port killer heats up because his latest victim has ties with NCIS.
01:00 Serie: My Life Is Murder
Alexa struggles to draw the truth out of a notorious liar after he confesses to a murder.
02:02 Cine: Dragnet (1954)
Dos detectives de homicidios investigan el brutal asesinato con una escopeta de un miembro del sindicato del crimen.
04:30 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Ernest T. Bass (Howard Morris) returns to Mayberry seeking a sweetheart, and Andy tries to turn him into a gentleman. The big test: a social being attended by a bevy of single women. Of course, things don't go quite as planned. Mrs. Wiley: Doris Packer. Ramona: Jackie Joseph. Barney: Don Knotts.
05:00 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Andy and Barney are attracted to a seductive female prisoner (Susan Oliver) who tries to use her charm to help her escape. Otis: Hal Smith. Police Sergeant: James Seay. Barney: Don Knotts. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier.
05:30 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Andy and Barney are staggered by the news that town drunk Otis has bought a car. Now they have to figure out how to make him sell it before he hurts someone. Otis: Hal Smith. Barney: Don Knotts.
06:00 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Barney gets bent when the choral director gives Gomer the solo instead of him for an upcoming concert. Gomer: Jim Nabors. Eleanora: Reta Shaw. John: Olan Soule. Barney: Don Knotts.
06:30 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Barney goes undercover as a mannequin in Weaver's department store to catch a shoplifter. Clint Howard guest stars as Leon, the little boy who spots Barney in his duck-hunting disguise. Weaver: Tol Avery. Asa: Charles P. Thompson. Shoplifter: Lurene Tuttle.
07:00 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Andy takes a much-needed vacation and leaves Barney and Gomer in charge, but they allow a prisoner to escape---twice. Convict: Allan Melvin. Naylor: Dabbs Greer. Maudie: Molly Dodd. Gomer: Jim Nabors. Barney: Don Knotts.
07:30 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Gomer pesters Andy with too much gratitude after Andy puts out a small fire in the garage where Gomer was napping. Gomer: Jim Nabors. Opie: Ronny Howard. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier. Floyd: Howard McNear.
08:00 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Aunt Bee buys a bargain side of beef at a new butcher shop, but then her bargain freezer breaks down and she has to seek out her old butcher's help. Foley: Frank Ferguson. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier. Opie: Ronny Howard. Gomer: Jim Nabors.
08:30 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
In an appearance post-"Dobie Gillis" and pre-"Gilligan's Island" (the series started six months later), Bob Denver plays Charlene's husband---the one she's leaving for Andy, just as soon as she gets her mountain-style divorce. Briscoe Darling: Denver Pyle. Charlene: Margaret Ann Peterson. Floyd: Howard McNear.
09:00 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
Opie and his friends get suckered into selling useless salve to try to win a pony, so Barney and Gomer come up with a scheme of their own to get the hucksters to buy it back. George: Lewis Charles. Lenny: George Petrie. Johnny: Richard Keith.
09:30 Serie: The Andy Griffith Show
In the only episode featuring both Gomer and Goober Pyle, Helen and Thelma Lou get jealous when they spy Andy and Barney with fun girls Skippy (Joyce Jameson) and Daphne (Jean Carson). Then Barney makes things worse by inviting the goofy girls to a dance. Helen: Aneta Corsaut. Thelma Lou: Betty Lynn. Gomer: Jim Nabors. Goober: George Lindsey.
10:00 Cine: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
A family host their dysfunctional relatives for the holiday as the dad contends with spontaneously combusting Christmas lights and temperamental trees while anticipating the arrival of his annual bonus.
12:15 Cine: Fletch (1985)
Irwin M. "Fletch" Fletcher es un reportero de un periódico al que se le ofrece una gran suma por un millonario canceroso, pero está huyendo, arriesgando su trabajo y encontrando pistas cuando está ... Leer más
14:15 Cine: Dragnet (1954)
Dos detectives de homicidios investigan el brutal asesinato con una escopeta de un miembro del sindicato del crimen.

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16:45 Cine: The Jerk (2013)
A less than brilliant man who thinks he's black after being raised by a black family finds himself in a whole new world when he learns he's actually white. After leaving home his adventures include inventing ... Leer más
18:45 Cine: The Blues Brothers (1980)
Tras salir de prisión, Jake decide volver a formar su vieja banda de blues para sacar de la bancarrota el orfanato donde él y su hermano Elwood se criaron. Pero mientras realizan su `misión divina`, ... Leer más
21:45 Cine: Weekend at Bernie's (1989)
Dos jóvenes empleados de una compañía de seguros, Larry y Richard, se van a la costa a pasar tranquilamente el primer lunes de septiembre, el Día del Trabajo. Larry y Richard se han comportado como ... Leer más