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00:01 Married at First Sight
In this explosive second Commitment Ceremony, one couple leaves the experiment.
01:01 Married at First Sight
02:04 Married at First Sight
03:04 Married at First Sight
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06:30 Life Today With James Robison
A religious program focused on spreading the message of the Gospel.
07:00 Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer
07:30 Military Makeover
The big reveal is right around the corner. The team adds their final touches.
08:00 The King of Queens
Carrie is shocked when she baby-sits her boss's 4-year-old son and he constantly feels her up. Also, Doug tries flirting with a homely girl at a bowling alley to make her feel good, but his efforts backfire. Kaplan: Victor Raider-Wexler. Denise: Rachel Dratch. Jimmy: Jimmy Shubert. Kim: Melissa Chan. Trevor: Jamie Kaler. Tanya: Iris Almario. Jordan: Anthony DeMarco.

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08:30 The King of Queens
Doug becomes jealous when he visits Carrie's office and discovers that she is very friendly with a gay male co-worker (Cameron Watson). Also, Arthur gets upset when Holly starts paying more attention to a new dog she's walking than to him. Amy: Christine Gonzales. Suzannah: Angel Boris. Hostess: Brooke Totman. Ben: Shawn Michael Patrick. Holly: Nicole Sullivan.
09:00 The King of Queens
Carrie gets jealous when Doug's mother (Jenny O'Hara) visits and spends most of her time with one of Doug's ex-girlfriends (Lola Glaudini), a now-divorced woman who has stayed in contact with Mrs. Heffernan over the years. Customer: Greg Vaccarello. Danny: Gary Valentine. Carrie: Leah Remini. Doug: Kevin James.
09:30 The King of Queens
Doug takes an obscene picture of himself at a wedding reception, and he's horrified when the photo is passed around the next day at a brunch for the bride and groom. Janet: Jenny O'Hara. Father McAndrew: Joe Flaherty. Jake: David Eigenberg. Samantha: Jennifer Aspen. Flora: Pamela Kosh. Frank: Alan Charof. Gino: Mike Burton. Danny: Gary Valentine.
10:00 The King of Queens
Carrie wins four tickets to several Knicks games, but she and Doug disagree over which couple to take along with them. Also, Arthur boasts that he can get parking tickets fixed by a friend in the police department, but he soon learns that his old acquaintance no longer works there. But Arthur is too proud to fess up to his buddies, and they keep bringing him tickets. Mickey: Ford Rainey. Elly: Jenica Bergere. Eddie: Eddie McClintock. Stuart: John McCann.
10:30 The King of Queens
Doug loans Carrie out to Deacon for a week so she can help him prepare a Thanksgiving feast for his whole family, but she soon wears out her welcome with her poor cooking skills and her non-stop chatter. Holly: Nicole Sullivan. Kirby: Marshaun Daniel. Major: Damani Roberts. Deacon: Victor Williams.
11:00 The King of Queens
Christmas brings headaches for the Heffernans when Doug fights with Deacon over a cherished toy from their youth and Carrie gets caught up in trying to outgive everyone else on her holiday shopping list. Kenny: Adam Carl. Little Doug: Tyler Hendrickson. Little Deacon: Daniel E. Smith. Margaret: Pamela Kosh. Winthrop: Graham Phillips. Spence: Patton Oswalt. Holly: Nicole Sullivan.
11:30 The King of Queens
Carrie thinks Doug needs professional help to control his excessive eating habits, so she persuades him to see a therapist (Dave Foley). Also: Arthur believes he's addicted to nasal spray and fights to stay off of it. Duke: Steve Tancora. Clerk: Hope Shapiro. Boy: Christopher Riccio. Deacon: Victor Williams. Arthur: Jerry Stiller.
12:00 The King of Queens
Carrie accuses Doug of not thinking about her enough during the day, so Doug goes out of his way to prove her wrong. Also, Doug tries to recruit guys at work to attend his Super Bowl party when it appears that everyone is intent on going to an elaborate bash thrown by another co-worker instead. Himself: Lou Ferrigno. Jimmy: Jimmy Shubert. Duke: Steve Tancora. Amy: Christine Gonzales. Crotty: Dan Gerrity. Danny: Gary Valentine. Deacon: Victor Williams.
12:30 The King of Queens
Doug and Carrie pick up another couple's photos by mistake and feel their lives aren't as exciting as the mystery pair, so they try to copy what they see in the pictures. Also: Arthur gets a cell phone and is disappointed when no one calls him. Arthur: Jerry Stiller. Carrie: Leah Remini. Doug: Kevin James.
13:00 The King of Queens
Doug must cancel a Valentine's Day dinner with Carrie when his boss makes him transport penguins to the Albany zoo. Also: Arthur tries to romance a woman at a dance for senior citizens; and Carrie's boss takes a liking to Holly. Evelyn: Francine York. Betty: Patricia Gebhard. George: Gerry Black. Tony: Andy Mackenzie. Holly: Nicole Sullivan. Pruzan: Alex Skuby. Spence: Patton Oswalt.
13:30 The King of Queens
Doug and Carrie vacation with their neighbors in St. Croix, but their fun is short-lived after Arthur calls them with bad news about their house, which is in need of an expensive repair. Mike: Michael Lowry. Debi: Marcia Cross. Patrick: Wayne Wilderson. Rene: Adrian Neil. Michelle: Tanya Whitford. Golf Marshal: Steve Tom.
14:00 The King of Queens
Arthur allows Spence's mom (Anne Meara) to seduce him in hopes that she will lend him $12,000 for a much-needed home repair that Doug and Carrie can't afford. Also: Doug invites his dad (Dakin Matthews) to visit. Bill: Frantz Turner. Inspector: Mookie Barker. Waitress: Joyce Fessides. Spence: Patton Oswalt. Arthur: Jerry Stiller.
14:30 The King of Queens
Doug and Carrie go to extreme lengths to get the lazy Russian crew they hired to rid their house of mold to finish the job. One of the things they do is supply the workers with an unlimited supply of vodka. Steve: Charles Rocket. Andrei: Ilia Volok. Pavel: Sven Holmberg. Kaplan: Victor Raider-Wexler.
15:00 The King of Queens
Carrie confronts Doug about his habit of lying in order to get out of doing things he hates, while he accuses her of using scare tactics to get her way. Also: Spence's meek girlfriend (Rachel Dratch) picks up some nasty pointers from Carrie and uses them on him. Spence: Patton Oswalt. Holly: Nicole Sullivan.
15:30 The King of Queens
Doug is depressed when his cousin Danny (Gary Valentine) is hired as a driver at IPS and is given Doug's route after he turns in a faster time on the circuit. At home, Arthur gets upset with Holly after she tells him he is like a grandfather to her rather than like a dad. O'Boyle: Sam McMurray. Jimmy: Jimmy Shubert. Joey: Joey Kola. Fernandez: Edward Padilla. Holly: Nicole Sullivan.
16:00 Cine: Who's Stalking Me?
After having a near-death experience, Amanda keeps feeling that she's still in harm's way, so Detective James Dawson comes to save the day and keep an especially close eye on her. Taken by his generosity and commitment, Amanda begins to feel safer, but unaware that she's letting the real threat get closer than ever.
18:00 Cine: He's Watching
Angela is on the partnership track at her prestigious wealth management firm, and she's engaged to the perfect man. Things, however, take a turn when her college boyfriend, Kyle, suddenly reappears in her life. He hires Angela to manage his money, and what begins as a strict business relationship soon turns into a heated affair.
20:00 Cine: Obsession: Stalked By My Lover
Madison Turner chooses 20-year-old Blake Collins as her new roommate. They hit it off and their friendship soon turns romantic. What Madison doesn't know is that Blake is now using Madison and her wealthy sister Evie to pull off the ultimate score that will set him up for life. When Madison and Evie discover that Blake isn't who he says he is, Madison begins to dig into Blake's past.
22:03 Cine: Tempted By Danger
Sisters, Nicole and Angela, are highly driven and successful in their careers. Angela is married with a baby on the way and wishes Nicole, a rising attorney, could have more balance in her life. When Angela interviews and hires a new bright executive, Michael, she sets him up with Nicole who actually makes time to date him. The relationship seems promising until it becomes clear that Michael is moving much more quickly and obsessively than Nicole can handle.