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00:03 Cine: Saving Private Ryan (1998)
En el transcurso de la segunda guerra mundial, tres soldados caídos en combate son hermanos y su madre recibe el mismo día la noticia de su muerte. El ejército descubre que aún sobrevive un cuarto ... Leer más
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07:00 Counting Cars
A 1960 Chevy is customized.
07:30 Counting Cars
Danny hopes to flip a 1972 Cutlass and checks out a 1971 Torino whose owner has problems pricing.
08:00 Counting Cars
A 1973 boat-tail Buick Riviera is restored.
09:00 Counting Cars
Danny is upset to see his beloved golf cart covered in dirt, so Kevin sets out to rectify things.
13:00 Counting Cars
Danny and the guys take on a rare and valuable American street machine with big hopes for bringing it to this year's SEMA Convention in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Shannon tries to tame a 500 horsepower Boss Hoss motorcycle.
14:00 Pawn Stars
Rick checks out a collection of James Bond movie trading cards. Meanwhile, a seller brings in an old Chinese bell. And later, Chum and Antwaun set sail on a trip to Lake Tahoe to check out a vintage sailboat.
15:00 Pawn Stars
Corey plays ball when he gets a signed letter that knocks his White Sox off. Next, Rick looks at a John Wilkes Booth poster you're not going to want to hang in your bedroom. Then, Rick and Chum strut to a seller's house to check out some "peacock" wicker furniture. Finally, Rick sees a German album you're not going to hear in a discotheque.
16:00 Pawn Stars
A seller speeds into the shop with an iconic piece of Sammy Hagar memorabilia. Rick has a chance to buy a vintage whiskey strap. A Nintendo demo system inspires Chum to create a video game about the Pawn Shop. Rick checks out a J.K. Rowling signed Harry Potter book.
17:00 Pawn Stars
Chum huddles up for a chance to buy an early 20th-century football. Next, a life-size Spider-Man flies into Rick's web. Then, a vintage military ID maker marches into the shop. Finally, ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man, Billy Gibbons makes a surprise appearance at the Gold & Silver.
18:00 Grant
In an unlikely American history story, Ulysses S. Grant rises from his humble beginnings to become the winning General in one of the Civil War's bloodiest battles.

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20:00 Grant
With his back up against the wall, Ulysses S. Grant takes incredible risks, becomes Abraham Lincoln's favorite General, and prepares for an epic clash with Robert E. Lee.
22:05 Grant
Ulysses S. Grant defeats Robert E. Lee and wins the Civil War, only to find that he will be called to duty again to serve as President during one of the most difficult times in American history.