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00:00 Reba
Reba's low on cash so she decides to sell her engagement ring, but when Brock finds out he attempts to buy it back. Meanwhile, Van tries to pick out a ring to give Cheyenne. Reba: Reba McEntire. Van: Steve Howey. Cheyenne: JoAnna Garcia.
00:30 Reba
Kyra (Scarlett Pomers) persuades Barbra Jean to get a makeover, but to everyone's surprise she returns looking like Reba's twin. Meanwhile, Reba is concerned that Kyra is growing closer to her stepmom than her. Barbra Jean: Melissa Peterman. Brock: Christopher Rich. Reba: Reba McEntire.
01:00 Reba
Reba and Brock (Christopher Rich) go to the out-of-town funeral of Reba's college boyfriend and reminisce about the good old days. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean frets about Reba and Brock being away together and Cheyenne and Van turn bossy when they are left in charge of the house. Barbra Jean: Melissa Peterman. Cheyenne: JoAnna Garcia. Van: Steve Howey.
01:30 Reba
Reba feigns illness to get out of her Valentine's Day date with Brian (Mark Thompson), but her plan backfires when he comes to the house with chicken soup. Meanwhile, Brock and Van compete to see which one can get the more romantic present for his wife. Brock: Christopher Rich. Van: Steve Howey. Cheyenne: JoAnna Garcia.
02:00 American Housewife
In the series premiere, an average wife and mother raises her flawed family in a town of seemingly perfect people.
02:30 American Housewife
Greg comes down with the flu and Katie battles exhaustion trying to take care of him and the kids. Later: her exhaustion leads to a confrontation with the school's overbearing school crossing guard.
03:00 American Housewife
Katie competes in a zombie run with a neighbor while Greg and Anna-Kat get carried away with the "zombie" theme.
03:30 American Housewife
Anna-Kat draws a portrait of Katie that makes her look super plus-sized, so Katie goes to extremes to retrieve it. Elsewhere: Doris tries to get Oliver and Taylor in line.
04:00 CMT Music Videos
Music videos from country music's biggest names, iconic artists, and rising stars.
05:00 CMT Music Videos
Music videos from country music's biggest names, iconic artists, and rising stars.
06:00 CMT Music Videos
Music videos from country music's biggest names, iconic artists, and rising stars.

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07:00 CMT Music Videos
Music videos from country music's biggest names, iconic artists, and rising stars.
08:00 CMT Music Videos: Number One Hits
The number one hits from country music's biggest names, iconic artists, and rising stars.
09:00 Roseanne
A night out at a bingo parlor does such a number on Roseanne that she can think of nothing but winning. Harriet: Edie McClurg. Crystal: Natalie West. Bonnie: Bonnie Sheridan. Anne Marie: Adilah Barnes. Arnie: Tom Arnold.
09:30 Roseanne
When Dan and Arnie struggle to bring their bowling team out of last place, some unexpected competition arises. Duke: David Crosby. Arnie: Tom Arnold. Nancy: Sandra Bernhard. Bonnie: Bonnie Sheridan.
10:00 Roseanne
After Roseanne throws her back out, Bev (Estelle Parsons) arrives to help out---and to help spoil the grandkids. Mark: Glenn Quinn. D.J.: Michael Fishman. Becky: Lecy Goranson. Jackie: Laurie Metcalf. Dan: John Goodman
10:30 Roseanne
A doctor recommends that Roseanne undergo surgery for her back problems. Dr. Doogie Howser has a cameo. Dr. Dixon: Michael Bryan French. Dr. Foster: Nigel Gibbs. Nurse: Susan Krebs.
11:00 American Housewife
Katie imitates the other moms to help Anna-Kat get invited to a popular girl's birthday party.
11:30 American Housewife
Katie's mom visits for Thanksgiving, which puts Katie on edge, but a surprising ally surfaces to help ease the tension.
12:00 American Housewife
Katie and Greg fight the PTA on school budget cuts that impact Anna-Kat's special needs teacher.
12:30 American Housewife
Oliver tries to impress a girl by taking lessons in dancing and manners ahead of the Westport Cotillion, but he tries to keep it a secret from Katie out of fear that she'll intervene.
13:00 The King of Queens
Arthur recruits Doug to play in a shuffleboard tournament at the senior center; Carrie gets the flu and makes Holly bring her meals, even after she recovers. Veronica: Anne Meara. Philip: William Daniels. Wallach: Mookie Barker. Flora: Pamela Kosh. Josephine: Norma Michaels.
13:30 The King of Queens
As the sixth season concludes, Holly moves in with the Heffernans after she loses her apartment. At first Doug isn't thrilled to have her there but after she starts waiting on him hand and foot, he can't get enough. Jimmy: Jimmy Shubert. Melinda: Heidi Godt. Holly: Nicole Sullivan.
14:00 The King of Queens
The seventh season begins with Doug trying to build up credit with Carrie by taking her to a spa, in the hopes that she will let him go to Las Vegas for a weekend with the guys. Rochelle: Helen Eigenberg. Eric: Patrick Cavanaugh. Father Sheehan: Richard Voigts. Cashier: Jennifer Shon.
14:30 The King of Queens
Doug fears that Carrie will have less time for him now that she has a job that she loves, which could lead to a promising career. Not to be outdone, Doug tries to get a promotion at work. Boone: Lisa Banes. Lisa: Nikki Tyler-Flynn. O'Boyle: Sam McMurray.
15:00 The King of Queens
Carrie wants Doug to attend an overeaters support group, but he goes to a class for men in abusive relationships instead, where he is told that it's Carrie's anger that causes him to overeat. Neil: Tim Bagley. Maury: Christopher Neiman. John: Jayden Lund. Ron: Jake O'Flaherty.
15:30 The King of Queens
Doug grows jealous when a new driver (Craig Gass) gets more laughs at lunchtime than he does; Carrie gets a new assistant who proves to be very efficient. Michelle: Joanna Canton. Boone: Lisa Banes. Nick: Adam Ferrara. Duke: Steve Tancora.
16:00 Last Man Standing
Outdoor Man hosts its annual employee sports contest, and Mike and Ed reconsider including Kyle on their team, fearing he'll hurt their chances of winning. Elsewhere, Vanessa attempts to clarify her unenthusiastic comments about her daughters' hobbies.
16:30 Last Man Standing
Mike's dad moves to town to begin building the new store, and Vanessa worries about Mike's health, fearing his father may unintentionally raise Mike's already-elevated blood pressure.
17:00 Last Man Standing
Vanessa is acknowledged for her volunteer efforts, but her good news is overshadowed by Mike, who then tries to remedy the situation. Meanwhile, Eve becomes apprehensive about starting high school; and Ed wants to use Mike as a model for an Outdoor Man figurine.
17:30 Last Man Standing
On the first-season finale, Vanessa's sister visits the Baxters, and Mike assumes she wants a loan. Meanwhile, Kristin and Kyle end their relationship, and Kyle worries about how Mike will take the news.
18:00 Last Man Standing
In the second-season opener, Mandy prepares to vote in her first presidential election, and Mike and Kristin try to sway her vote in opposite directions.
18:30 Last Man Standing
Boyd is reprimanded at school for playing dodgeball, so Mike starts an underground dodgeball club for the local kids—even though Kristin agrees with the school on this matter.
19:00 Last Man Standing
Mike and Vanessa clash over what to tell their neighbors regarding a vandalized car. Meanwhile, Eve gets drunk at a party after her parents refuse to allow her to quit the soccer team.
19:30 Last Man Standing
Vanessa's loyalty to Ed's ex-wife surprises Mike, who doesn't think Ed should reconcile with his ex. Elsewhere, Mandy wants to work with Kristin at the diner so she can earn money for a school trip, but Kristin is hesitant to put in a good word for her.
20:00 Cine: Easy A (2010)
Olive es una estudiante de secundaria que nunca ha roto un plato. Pero un buen día, decide contar una pequeña mentira acerca de su pérdida de virginidad para acabar con esa reputación de chica bien. ... Leer más
22:00 Cine: Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009)
Paul Blart es un apacible y obediente hombre de familia que trabaja como guardia de seguridad en un centro comercial de Nueva Jersey. Durante años, ha solicitado ser un policía, pero siempre suspende ... Leer más