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01:00 Cine: The Fifth Element
Intriguing sci-fi thriller about a 23rd-century cabbie and a beautiful alien who hold the fate of all humanity in their hands.
04:00 Serie: Star Trek: The Next Generation
In this Emmy-winning episode, Picard, Crusher and Data re-create 1941 San Francisco via the holodeck, but when the system malfunctions, they find themselves at bay in the 20th century. Leach: Harvey Jason. Lt. Dan Bell: William Boyett. Whalen: David Selburg.
05:00 Serie: Star Trek: The Next Generation
While exploring Data's home planet, the crew discovers a collection of body parts, which create an android that's a dead ringer for Data (Brent Spiner). Crusher: Gates McFadden. Picard: Patrick Stewart. Wesley: Wil Wheaton. Yar: Denise Crosby.
06:00 Serie: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Jadzia Dax must face past hosts in the Trill Rite of Closure, but complications ensue when Odo is possessed by the spirit of Curzon Dax. Guardian: Jeffrey Alan Chandler. Rom: Max Grodenchik. Nog: Aron Eisenberg. Odo: Rene Auberjonois. Sisko: Avery Brooks.
07:00 Serie: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
On a mission to protect Federation outposts, the Defiant is hijacked by a Dominion agent on a mission to incite a war in the Alpha Quadrant. Krajensky: Lawrence Pressman. Eddington: Kenneth Marshall. Bolian: Jeff Austin. Odo: Rene Auberjonois.
08:00 Serie: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The station, bracing for an attack from the Dominion, finds itself instead drawn into a Klingon-Cardassian conflict. Part 1 of two. Worf: Michael Dorn. Gowron: Robert O'Reilly. Gul Dukat: Marc Alaimo. Garak: Andrew Robinson. Kasidy Yates: Penny Johnson. Sisko: Avery Brooks. Odo: Rene Auberjonois.
09:00 Serie: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Conclusion. The Klingon-Cardassian dispute results in a Klingon withdrawal from the Federation, leaving Worf (Michael Dorn) to decide where his loyalties lie. Gul Dukat: Marc Alaimo. Gowron: Robert O'Reilly. Martok: J.G. Hertzler. Kaybok: Christopher Darga. Huraga: William Dennis Hunt.

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10:00 Serie: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Dr. Bashir and O'Brien are captured by renegade Jem'Hadar who demand that the doctor free them of their genetically engineered drug addiction. O'Brien: Colm Meaney. Goran'Agar: Scott MacDonald. Arak'Taral: Stephen Davies. Meso'Clan: Jerry Roberts. Temo'Zuma: Marshall Teague. Directed by Rene Auberjonois.
11:00 Serie: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
An elderly Jake (Tony Todd) looks back on the death of his father in an engine-room mishap, but Sisko's mysterious reappearances lead him on a search to discover what really happened. Melanie: Rachel Robinson. Sisko: Avery Brooks. Nog: Aron Eisenberg. Bashir: Alexander Siddig. Korena: Galyn Gorg.
12:00 Serie: Star Trek: The Next Generation
On the planet Angel One, the crew discovers that the survivors of a freighter accident are now fugitives because they oppose the matriarchy. Beate: Karen Montgomery. Ariel: Patricia McPherson. Picard: Patrick Stewart. Crusher: Gates McFadden. Riker: Jonathan Frakes.
13:00 Serie: Star Trek: The Next Generation
When the computer indicates a pending disaster, the crew evacuates, unaware that members of a computer-dependent species have sabotaged the ship. One Zero: Alexandra Johnson. Zero One: Katy Boyer. Picard: Patrick Stewart. Riker: Jonathan Frakes. Data: Brent Spiner.
14:00 Serie: Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Enterprise transports Adm. Mark Jameson (Clayton Rohner), a renowned but ailing negotiator, to Mordan IV to mediate in a hostage crisis instigated by that planet's governor (Michael Pataki). Anne: Marsha Hunt. Picard: Patrick Stewart. Crusher: Gates McFadden.
15:00 Serie: Star Trek: The Next Generation
The advanced but sterile race of Aldea decide to remedy their plight by kidnapping children from the Enterprise, including Wesley (Wil Wheaton). Radue: Jerry Hardin. Rashella: Brenda Strong. Melian: Paul Lambert. Duana: Ivy Bethune. Katie: Jandi Swanson. Picard: Patrick Stewart.
16:00 Serie: Star Trek: The Next Generation
While visiting Velara III, where terraformers labor to make the planet more inhabitable, the crew is mystified by a bizarre accident that claims the life of one of the workers. Kurt Mandl: Walter Gotell. Louisa Kim: Elizabeth Lindsey. Bjorn Benson: Gerard Prendergast. Data: Brent Spiner. Geordi: LeVar Burton.
17:00 Serie: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Wesley takes the Starfleet Academy entrance exam, while Picard's performance as a commander is evaluated. Remmick: Robert Schenkkan. Picard: Patrick Stewart. Quinn: Ward Costello.
18:00 Cine: Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)
Los seres humanos y los gigantes han convivir en paz durante mucho tiempo. Pero la paz termina cuando los gigantes secuestran a una apreciada y bella princesa, es entonces cuando un grupo de guerreros, ... Leer más
20:30 Cine: Back to the Future Part III
A teen must leap the space-time continuum to 1885 in the DeLorean time machine in order to rescue its inventor, whose 70-year-old letter reveals that he has retired to the Old West to live out his days there. Upon arriving, the boy finds the scientist in love and in danger.
23:00 Serie: The Graham Norton Show